Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hedges Kitties News

Hi Bozo, Lindy and all mum's blog followers. This is Ambrose and my post is late! Mum had visitors here for the weekend: Gammy's sisters...

What's that Unca Shadow? 

Oh, it's Bammy's sisters! 

Is Bammy dad's mum,  Unca Shadow? 

Oh, she's yoomen like my Mum?

Anyway, this week we heard our yoomens had to take Eddie, the doggie to the vet. She returned to the yard with a huge bandage on her leg. I heard Mum say the vet cut out at sister...

What's that, Unca Shadow?

Oh, he cut out a SIST! And Mum had to help him with the operation. Our yoomen Dad and Auntie Rina ran away because of all the blood.
Eddie was taken to the vet in the front of our yoomens' car

Her leg is wrapped up and Mum says it's healing well

But Eddie is hopping around on three legs and is fine now! Next week Mum will have photos of her and the other animals on the yard! 

Happy Monday to everybody.

Link to see other cute pets here


  1. Thanks for the up date on all your news Ambrose.

  2. poor Eddie, i hope he heals soon and is ok.. thanks for the news update

  3. i hope the pup will be well!

  4. Heres wishing Eddie 'Get well soon'!!

    Woof woof


  5. Poor doogie ! Hope he recovers soon !

  6. Poor Eddie, hope he is recovering quickly


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