Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Critter Party SA

Although we had a full week leading up to a visitor-filled weekend, I still managed to spot several bugs and birds. One such bug was on the wall in our entertainment area. I took several photos of it, then using a sheet of paper, I removed it from the wall and placed it in a safe place in the garden. (There's nothing the Tanzanian Kitties, especially Ambrose loves more than to catch critters!) 

I have no idea what the bug is but it seemed quite harmless and made a good photo subject! 
An interesting bug (critter) on the wall of our entertainment area last week 

On Wednesday I posted about the Malachite Sunbird male in eclipse breeding plumage. Going through my archives of last month,  I came across the same male still in full breeding plumage. 
Malachite Sunbird (Male) in breeding plumage - this photo was taken during February

On Friday I posted a sunbird against our beautiful blue South African skies. My friend, Margaret, (Birding for pleasure) which sunbird it is. Here it is, Margaret! 
Malachite Sunbird (Female)

Another common visitor to our garden is the thrush. I captured one drinking water from our hose pipe. 
Karoo Thrush (having just drunk from our hosepipe which is visible in the bottom right corner) 

The cutest critters (said with love!) are our three grandchildren who live next door to us. The two oldest, Joel and Abby often ring the bell at the gate and Grant opens for them. However, I haven't seen the littlest Hedges since last Sunday afternoon. But his mum sent me photos of his first real smile. 
Liam Hedges, nine weeks old 
Isn't he just the cutest?

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

I hope you're all having the best Saturday ever! 


  1. Oh, yes!! He is adorable and what a smile!! Thanks for sharing these, Jo!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Hi Jo Thanks for Iding that bird for me.Good to see them on the same post now. Your grand son is a really cutie. Have a great weekend. I am off this morning for the I.O.W.

  3. I really enjoyed the story of the bug on the wall... snapping bug pics is a big part of why hubby named me the madsnapper... i love that you placed it outside.. Liam is adorable .

  4. You do have some wonderful flora and fauna there... and cute babies! :)

  5. Hi Jo, the sunbird is pretty. It has a neat beak! Your grandson, Liam is just adorable! Thank you for linking up, happy weekend!

  6. very cute little fellow. neat longhorn beetle and pretty sunbirds.

  7. That bug looks like it would get good reception.
    Cute baby!

  8. The Malachite Sunbird is a beauty. Liam is adorable.

  9. Brilliant shots Jo, and to Liam as well.

  10. Oh my, another beautiful shot of the gorgeous Malachite Sunbird. Another gorgeous creature is the baby that lives next door. So sweet!


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