Monday, March 30, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday...

...on Monday! 
The shadows on our driveway on a sunny afternoon
The newly poled gate with shadows falling on it
A lamp post on the drive
The shadow of the lamp post
Aloe and tree shadows on the boundary wall between us and Amanda and Angus

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Last week while tidying out my cupboards, I came across a sealed jigsaw puzzle. It's 1500 pieces and wildlife scenes in South Africa. 

Grant joined two pieces of wood together to take the 610 x 838 cm puzzle. 
The jigsaw puzzle set out on a board on our dining table in the entertainment area

Rina and I started building the puzzle on Thursday at 12 noon. By 8 that evening we'd made the frame. The next afternoon we finished the pair of zebra which, in retrospect, turned out to be the easiest of the scenes.  

I returned to my blogging and e-mails and by now, Rina had started on the rhino above the zebra. Grant joined in. That night the rhino was 80% complete. On Saturday afternoon we all three worked on the wildebeest and in between Rina found most of the pieces for the rhino. 
The rhino, zebra and wildebeest were completed by Saturday afternoon

Meanwhile I'd returned in earnest and was trying to build the Bushbuck on the top left of the puzzle. 
 I managed to build most of the frame along that picture and then got stonewalled... 
Later while I made supper, Grant started to build my buck! I was thrilled

After supper on Saturday night, we all concentrated on completing the bushbuck. By 8.30, we'd completed the buck but for ONE piece. On the first evening I sorted all the pieces in color schemes in separate boxes. Now we walked around and around the table looking for this one piece. After twenty minutes, Grant called it a night; Rina and I continued until 9.15 without success.

On Sunday morning before church the three of us searched and searched for the elusive piece. Then Rina and I went off to the service. When we returned at 11 am, the first thing Grant told us as I drove the car onto the patio was that he'd found the piece!
The errant piece of puzzle which finally completed the bushbuck! 

The saga continues. After lunch I worked on the computer and Grant read a magazine, Rina  built the next picture on the left. She managed to create an elephant cow and its calf until the final seven pieces of sky with soft cloud. These pieces continue to elude her as I write up this post! 

As for me, I'm puzzled out! 

The largest section of this puzzle is of two elephants approaching in a swirl of dust. I'll probably get involved when this part is worked on...

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 


  1. I enjoy doing puzzles on my iPad. There are several free apps. You can choose how small the pieces are. That way you can do each puzzle more than one time. - Margy

  2. Really like that fence, and the shadows. Puzzles are so fun. Used to have going all the time as a kid. Now I don't have a place to devote to one. Hope you'll share a pic of the finished piece.

  3. I admire your patience ! After three or four pieces I would have thrown the whole thing against the wall, lol !
    Your entrance looks great !

  4. You all did really well. It is looking lovely.

  5. What great fun doing the puzzle! I used to do lots of them, usually during the recovery time after operations, they helped to get my eyesight back to distinguishing subtle shades. The largest I ever did wad 5,000 pieces of Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' and the hardest was 2,000 pieces of 'Neu Schwanstein castle' in the snow. So nice with three of you going at it.

  6. Hello Jo, wonderful shadow shots.. Cool shadows of the trees on the gate and the lamppost.. Your puzzle is pretty, I love the animals..Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  7. cant wait to see the finished puzzle with the elephants...your shadow shots are wonderful. and your yard is really beautiful

  8. i LOVE picture puzzles. when my sister visits from wisconsin, we set up one on the kitchen table and work on it and talk about anything and everything - or nothing at all. :)

    you have a lovely driveway and gate!

  9. Puzzles and photographing shadows. Must have been a slow day ;-P

  10. Hi, Great Shadow shots.... I love jigsaw puzzles. When my kids were teens and we'd go on vacation, we always took a big jigsaw puzzle and a cardtable.... We would all work off and on on that puzzle all week. It was fun --and so many great memories.


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