Monday, March 2, 2015

Bike trip February 2015

And not one photo of the bike or us on or near the bike! I blame this on the fact that I couldn't find my point and shoot Sony which I keep in my leather waistcoat pocket and take photos in transit. However, we DID go biking for a few days and met up with precious friends along the way.

Our first stop on Tuesday evening was in Victoria West, which is 646 kms from Marquard. We always stop over with dear friends Chris and Sanet. We've only known Chris for the past four years since he and Sanet were married. But Sanet has been my hairdresser for the past 21 years! Of course, as soon as I'd divested myself of my leathers, she seated me in the chair and cut and colored my hair! Afterwards, Chris did a mutton rib on the BBQ which was enjoyed with salads later. I don't have photos of us with our friends as we had such a wonderful reunion that I forgot!

Next day we biked down to Knysna where we stayed for two days with Pete and Mart who have a Guest House on the hill, overlooking the Knysna Heads. Although I don't have a photo of us four as a group, I do have one of Mart entering a cave when we walked on the beach to a viewpoint overlooking the famous Heads. 

Mart entering a cave on our walk along a path to the Heads
The famous Knysna Heads 

A lone fisherman and his dog on the rocks
The old dog lies and sleeps while his master tries his luck in the waters
No visit to Pete and Mart would be complete without photos of Mart's two cats. Above is Amber who's a pedigree Maine Coon 
 Mart's rescue cat, Cat never eats a full meal. She spends her days in the bush surrounding their property hunting rats 

A week before we went biking, I'd said that we were off to Cape Town by car. We intended to fetch Rina's off-road trailer which had been in storage at her brother, Johan's home. At the last minute, Johan, a wine merchant, told Rina that he was on his way to Johannesburg to deliver a consignment of wines. He always travels straight up the National Freeway, the N1 which connects Cape Town and Johannesburg. This freeway runs past a small town, 60kms from us. Johan told Rina that for a fee, he'd bring the Bushwakka to the Winburg turnoff and we could meet him there. Grant borrowed our brother-in-law, Lourie's pick-up truck and we set off to meet Johan. 

Grant and Johan unhitch the Bushwakka from his vehicle

Our vehicle, visible in front of Johan's towed the Bushwakka back to Marquard

What a blessing and relief not to have to traverse 1000km plus and return towing the Bushwakka! It's now standing on our patio. We're hoping to erect the tents after which I'll take photos. Then we'll advertise it; we hope to sell it and realize some ready income for Rina. 

Johan and Rina were thrilled to see each other, albeit briefly! 



  1. The second photo reminds me of Australia.
    Cat has really pretty eyes...

  2. Sounds like life is good for you --and that you all are very busy. We are doing fine now a week after our horrible storms... The temperature was in the 40's here today (F) ---so it felt like a heat-wave after all of the frigid weather we have had...


  3. It looks like you had a lovely trip to renew ties with friends. How wonderful too that Rina's brother saved you a long trip to deliver the bushwakka. The photo of Rina and her dear brother is so touching. I wish you all well in selling the trailer for Rina. xx

  4. Great to get in a nice ride and visit with friends. Ah, Knysna, I remember when we got lost looking for the the Heads. ;) That Bushwakka looks like a perfect camping rig. Nice that you didn't have to drive all the way to CT to bring it home.

  5. So you had travel itches again ! I don't know what a Bushwakka is, but suppose it is a kind of motor home.

  6. Sounds like you two had a good trip and were able to spend time with your friends. Have a great week.

  7. Happy March, Jo! It sounds like you have had some fun times with your friends and traveling.. I love the shots of the coast, fishing man and his dog.. The kitties are cute.. Good luck with selling the Bushwakka.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. you know my eyes and thoughts went straight to the critters. love the dog curled up on the rock and Amber is absolute gorgeous and good for Cat catching her own food.. and ridding the world of pests... i like that Bushwakka, my first time seeing one.


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