Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Final touches to Pam's unit

When we moved Grant's mum, Pam into her unit, we queried why it didn't have bathroom cabinets. We were told that they don't come standard with the building; you have to add them at your own expense. Grant phoned friend and master carpenter, Louis Grassi to come and give him a quote. He duly did and once we'd paid half the deposit he got on with making Pam's bathroom cupboards. 

On Saturday when we popped in to see MIL after we'd been to the church bazaar, she proudly showed off the cupboards. We hadn't been to the center since Tuesday (remember we had lots of tasks at home!) so Louis had completed the job and installed the cupboards.  
Cabinets under the wash hand basin... 
... and one housing the laundry basket and other toiletries
Pam shows me the drawer which pulls out and houses the laundry bag
The panic handle is also in a strategic place 

After we'd realized that Pam was settled in and also after the excitement of her sisters' visit last weekend, we decided to leave her be for a few days. (we were exhausted with having run up and down to the center daily for the past six weeks, and we also wanted her to find her feet in the "oldies" section without our input) As mentioned above we'd not been there since Tuesday. We heard from her that during the week she'd been to a birthday party - a fellow resident turned 94 - and also attended the center's birthday dinner on Friday! 
A spread of delicious party eats for the birthday Pam attended last week

So all in all, the exercise paid off. We'll not be visiting her at the home during the week, if possible. We'll pop in on a Saturday and take her a packet of cookies or a soda. At the same time we invite her to dinner on Sunday - we fetch her at an arranged time and return her to the home soon after the meal.  

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  1. I like the bathroom cabinets and I'm pleased to see the panic bar (we call it grab bar). That was the item I thought was missing in the first reveal. I'm so glad Pam seems to be settling in well and that you can now have a bit of a rest. Hugs. xx

  2. Quite the talented carpenter. Really like the drawer idea for the laundry. Looks Pam is settling right in.

  3. Hi Jo. My mother in law gave me a bit of advise before we got married. never made a an arrangement for the same time each week to have someone over. I took her advise. She gave me that advise because she Always had her mother over for Sunday lunch for years and then one day they wanted to do something else, and her mother was very displeased. So I never has this problem but parents came whenever it suited both parties and were happy about that. I know it is different in your case as Pam is used to having you go away however as people get older they get set in their ways. I am so glad she is settling in and making friends and. Having fun.

  4. That's the first time I see a retirement home in "Our World" lol ! The bathroom looks very nice, now she has really everything, even entertainment. So your presence is not required anymore so often, especially that she is not an easy woman ! Go bird photo hunting instead !

  5. Hello Jo, the new cabinets look nice! I like the convenient laundry basket! Have a happy week ahead!

  6. Everything looks grand! Y'all are good children!

  7. he did a fine job on the cabinets and what a creative way to build the laundry basket and put the handle next to the commode to help when needed. this is good news she is fitting in and enjoying her time with other residents.

  8. You blog "Meanders" so does mine. But mine doesn't get to such exciting places. - Margy

  9. What nice bathroom cabinets.


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