Tuesday, July 27, 2021


 Good evening fellow Bloggers. While I have been absent from blogging and visiting for the past half year, I fully intend to rectify this and am BACK in full force now. Thank you to you all for your patience and for still commenting on my posts. I really appreciate your support and friendship.

However, once a week I have managed to stay in touch with a fellow blogger, Gaelyn, from Geogypsy whom many of you follow as well. Gaelyn has a Fun Foto post every Friday and it's this post which I have visited most weeks. Gaelyn has beautiful landscape photos and photos of her travels, many of her two visits two South Africa, one of which we met up in Knysna in 2014. 

I aspire to take photos like Gaelyn does. She often has photos of a tarred road going off into the distance, drawing the viewers eye into the future. She also has posted iconic photos of railway lines. 

Last Thursday, I traveled to the neighboring town of Estcourt to have my second Covid vaccination. Notwithstanding the recent unrest and terrible looting and destruction, Estcourt was very calm and safe. There was a definite army and police presence, but otherwise, it was like any other weekday in a small Kwa-Zulu Natal town. Warm, peaceful and pleasant.

Returning home, I have to pass my friend's home on a small holding where she lives with her daughter and son-in-law. I popped in to have a cup of tea and long awaited chat as we'd all stayed safely in our homes rather than venture out when there was trouble. 

Crossing an old disused railway line, I stopped and took a photo. I'm hoping Gaelyn pops in for a blog visit and sees how I aspire to take this type of photo like hers!

Living on a farm where the farmer was born 76 years ago and his brother was born 81 years ago, I have heard them telling about the train taking them to school in Estcourt along this selfsame railway line. The siding (not a station) was in Loskop, the township where Thandiwe, my houselady lives, about 2km fom the farm. 

Have a wonderful day wherever you are. I am about to go to sleep... 


Monday, July 26, 2021

Estimated damage


Estimated damage caused by the recent riots in our province 

Small and privately owned businesses are always hit the hardest. One Zulu restaurant and club owner, stood outside his trashed premises with tears coursing down his face. He has built up his business over the past ten years. We have been in Lockdown for 16 months and only recently were restaurants permitted to operated under restricted hours. He said on the weekend of the 10th July, four large double-cab pick-ups stopped outside his club.  A dozen or so people stormed his club, stealing laptops, cash registers, and divested terrified patrons of their valuables.  They smashed the furniture and windows.  They then loaded his four large refreshments fridges onto their pick-up vans.  This just puts the kibosh on any business let alone a hard-earned private enterprise such as this.

Peps stores, Massmart, Edgars and Spar are a few of the retailers who are supported by the majority of South Africans. Doesn't make sense.

 As I posted yesterday, South Africans got up,  dusted themselves off and have started over again...

Sunpuddles and warm beds


Chappie on my electric blanket 
Mama and Missy soaking up a sun puddle on my bedroom carpet

IT IS COOOOOOLD here in the Central Drakensberg.