Saturday, April 10, 2021

Once again...

 ... I have been absent from Blogger, but here I am again!

Life has been rather busy with our holiday season which meant many guest bookings for me. In addition I have taken over the "big" family holiday home which is under new ownership and which,  this time, is a lot easier to manage. 

Skabby and I have had a few early morning walks, catching the glint of the sun on the birds.

Cattle egret warming itself in the early morning sun
Sacred Ibis glowing in the early morning rays 
Back home in the farm office, I have a resident spider in my tea station 

An Amethyst Sunbird male drinking from a canna bloom in my garden

The Central Drakensberg has been spectacularly beautiful this autumn 
Nyati Valley Guest House - my ten sleeper holiday accommodation
Sundowner patio with a view (of the mountains pictured above this) . The new owner, Mark and his fiancé, Sue have already made great improvements to the house. The accommodation is pet friendly too 

I've had back-to-back bookings for my beautiful two sleeper unit, The Bunker 

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Ambrose' turn

 Hello to all Mum's Blogger friends. This is Ambrose and at last I have a turn to post. Mum has been soooo busy but luckily for us she is home most of the time with that busy-ness. 

Kitties always like a box. Mum put this carton on the lawn to be thrown out. I posed beautifully for her to take a photo 

Chappie asleep in Mum's linen 
Missy relaxing on TOP of the linen which Thandiwe has already ironed 
Skaby lies against Mum's bed 
Mama looks very stern; I am afraid of her...

As you can see, the Hedges pets are all very well and happy

All in a day's walk

 Good evening dear Blogger friends. I am here on the DAY. As always Skabby and I have managed a few walks despite the ongoing rain.

It always fascinates me to see a calf with different markings to its mother 

This calf was from a different cow - one with brown markings 

A man passed us on his most prized possession - his bicycle (see a dog in the grass) 
A brown cow on the other banks of the dam looks towards me and Skabby
Above the cow several Sacred Ibis took to the air
Cattle egret in the lush green grass 
Grey Heron on the opposite bank of the dam 
I loved the reflection in the water

Back home I photographed this critter in my bathroom before carrying it outdoors to safety. I'm not sure what it is...

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