Sunday, March 27, 2022

Neatly groomed dog!

 Good afternoon dearest Blogger friends. I'm a tad late with this weekend's post, but here it is. 

On Friday morning, Skabby and I took a trip to Ladysmith - for him to be groomed. 

Jumped onto the back seat of my car and lay down
His holding pen in the shady garden behind the grooming parlor 
My sleek, cool, handsome dog! 
The rain held off for a day; on Saturday we managed a walk to the dam and back

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Rippling reflections

 Good morning Blogger friends. On our walk this weekend past, I managed to photograph the pole reflection in the dam just before Skabby dived in. 

Before dog dive! 
After dog dive
Thank you, Skabby for helping Mum to capture rippling reflections! 


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Skabby's pldoging bowl

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. So many of you comment on Skabby's plodging bowl. He loves to cool down in it (boots and all!) when we return from a walk. He also has a great splash and plodge after he's eaten his mammoth bone every evening.

And he has a HUGE bowl of water at his disposal at all time! 

Even though he has two other water bowls in the garden, Skabby prefers this giant receptacle 
I love this photo which shows the sheer size of my dog! 


Monday, March 21, 2022

Moonrise; sunrise and my peaceful garden

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. 

Once again, I realized on Friday, how blessed I am to be living on the farm with my friends. It's going on for four years and a quarter years and gets better every day. 

I mean, I have just been to breakfast at a newly opened restaurant a few kilometers from home. 

It's long weekend, so Nine (headmistress of the primary school in town) has the weekend off. Her daughter, Jenn, who teachers in Pietermaritzburg and is boarder mistress at St John's Girls High (her alma mater) and her Plus One, Guilford (a young farmer in Ixopo) were home for the weekend. Younger daughter, Denn, who teachers at a private boys school in Pretoria and her Plus One, Jem (a veterinary doctor), were home for the weekend. Gav, farmer alongside his dad, John, happily enjoyed having his chicks around

John, farmer/owner and my friend, Ron, for whom I work,  asked me to join the family for breakfast. What a lovely family outing it was.

On Friday night, my SIL, Shell and my birding mentor, sent me a photo of the moon rising over the sea. I dashed outdoors with my camera and managed to catch the moon rising over the farm.

The credit for this beautiful image goes to Shelley Hedges 

The same moon rising over the farm in the  Drakensberg 


The next morning as I opened my door and walked onto the veranda, 

the most incredible sunrise greeted me

 Over the years I have lived quietly  in my little cottage nestled between the two farm houses. I work in the farm office in the mornings; in between I'm able execute all my other business with the peace and calm that is my existence here on the farm. 


Sunday, March 20, 2022

Sunday Hedges Pet Post

 Hello Blogger friends. Here I am endeavoring to post about the Hedges pets more regularly.

Skabby enjoying his extra large bone on the newly mowed lawn 
Missy stalking Mama...
...who was returning from a late afternoon walk around the car port 
Chappie watches all from under the Buddleia 


Another walk with a tiny critter

 Good morning Blogger friends. On Saturday it was dry enough to go for a walk. 

Was Skabby a happy chappy!

Once we'd exited from the farm gate, he hurtled along the road. Suddenly he skid to a halt, and pointing his right paw (the retriever in him coming to the fore), he crept up to the fence along the shed. 

He had discovered a really small calf...

Then it was business as usual; the business of getting to the dam for a swim! 

Here he had already been in, clambered up the bank and was shaking himself by the time I managed a photo 
On the way home, we stopped to take in the bucolic scene of the cows making milk!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Shimmering reflections

On Sunday afternoon,  as I walked out onto the veranda, I noticed a beautiful reflection on the surface of Skabby's plodging bowl. I came indoors, grabbed my camera and went outside again. Then it was a challenge to catch the same reflection. I had to stand at certain point to capture the image of the Tecamaria shrub in flower across the lawn and which was being reflected in the water.

 There was also a slight breeze which caused a ripple. 


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Whoopee for walkies

 Good evening dear Blogger friends. Today was the first time in yonks that Skabby and I went out for a walk Since the beginning of March (and January through February) it has rained, rained and rained some more. So of course, the farm roads, especially the exit gate, has been a quagmire.

Nevertheless, today was hot and sunny. 

All day.

And we went walkies...

Cattle egret on the farm gate 
One of the new calves; I feel I've missed out on a quarter of a generation ! 
Happy HAPPY doggie 
The obligatory swim in the dam
And a good shake afterwards
Back home it's bwoodlewoodlewoodle! 

Literally cooling his heels


Saturday, March 12, 2022

Cutest critter shared

 Good morning Blogger friends. Last week as I lifted the lid of my laundry basket, I noticed a small movement on the edge. A really small movement. 

A baby praying mantis. 

I took a few photos and then managed to move it carefully from the basket to the outer windowsill of my bathroom windows. 

Young praying mantis 

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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Clock and creed

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. I have an affinity for clocks. Strange clocks and over the years, I have collected several wall hanging time pieces to please my eye. 

While I visited Grant's aunt, Gill, in Howick in mid-February, I once again saw her kitchen clock, It has Arabic script on it and is quite easy to tell the time, all the same. I cannot imagine that I spent two years in Khartoum, a predominately Arabic city and never bought an Arabic clock. Nevertheless, Gill has promised to bequeath her clock to me in her will.  

Last week a lady advertised several wall clocks on our local WhatsApp group. One was a black clock with formulas and numeric symbols on it. I asked her to keep it for me and here it is hanging above my desk as I work.

My unique clock  nestled beside my creed 


Saturday, March 5, 2022

Fan-tailed Widowbird and dog[ged] exhuberance

 Good afternoon dearest fellow Bloggers. These past weeks Skabby and I have only been able to go for a walk very infrequently. It has rained incessantly in the Central Drakensberg, not allowing the farm roads to become walkable after the muddy conditions. However, one hot sunny day  last week (the heat has also been fierce this summer),  Skabby and I got out into the veld. 

As always, while said dog hurtles along the farm road, I often stop and take photos.

Fan-tailed Widowbird male (breeding) 

The regular stop for Skabby to have a swim 

Many exciting muddy puddles to splash through! 
A view of the mountains on a glorious summer day 
Cooling his heels in the plodging bowl back home 

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