Sunday, January 29, 2023


What can I say? I have not posted on Blogger for two months and man, do I miss it and all my Blogger friends?

As always, I have been busy, but I intend to blog more regularly this year.

I had a WONDERFUL holiday season with my accommodation during November and December and guess what, it's not letting up for January through March either. 

 I am going great guns at Parkrun with five to go to reach my 100th milestone. 

Christmas Eve was the start of the heatwave. Although Skabby and I donned the required festive adornments, we both suffered badly in the heat

Meanwhile we have had a severe heatwave in South Africa and my poor Skabby is suffering. Athough he was shaved and groomed at the beginning of December, a week before Chrisstmas he developed a hotspot the about 5cm in diameter. No matter what I applied, the hotspot got bigger. 

I took him to the vet and then the injections, medicines, cortisone started. I applied pharmacy bought mercurochrome spray and gentian violet to the raw areas. The vet ordered Sulphur powder (priced like gold dust!) and this started to help. But Skabby kept licking and scratching the wounds. 

The vets would phone me before the weekend to ask how Skabby was getting on. I know I was, by now, a welcome cash cow to the veterinary business, but I found it touching that they actually cared...

My answer was always the same: it seems a little better, but he is licking and scratching the areas. 

Finally, last Tuesday I took him to the vet while I was running my Weigh-Less groups in Winterton. He injected Skabby with a "hotspot" injection, prescribed an antibiotic specifically meant for skin irritations and fitted the doggie with a cone. 


Poor boy. 

All the older cats scattered as they saw this strange apparition. 

Except Georgie...

Never mind, Unca Skabby, I will stay and care for you!

Yesterday, I left Skabby at home and went to the Parkrun on my own. He sat and howled like a baby at the gate: a really pathetic sight of a sad dog with a plastic cone around his neck! I felt absolutely lost not to be dragged around the 5km track, and everyone who saw me, asked where my dog was.

I just have to get him better...

On 30 December, my brother, Philip turned 75. I joined him and friends for a lovely luncheon at a neighbor's home.
Philip and me on his 75th

Philip was the kind person who took 12-year-old Papa in when the owner of a local lifestyle center wanted to euthanize him.

This month Papa has been with Philip for a year - the best forever home a cat could wish for
Philip's other car, Cat has accepted Papa as if he has been there forever.\

Back home the felines thrive, and Georgie is getting cuter by the minute

Inexpensive and simple...
...are toys which delight an active kitten!