Sunday, April 28, 2019

All the kitties

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with the news of the Hedges kitties. As usual everything is perfect in our house! 

 Mama Cass Cat is still in the bedroom. She and Missy are great friends
Aunty Chappie has moved her sleeping chair (because I took her over!) 
 Missy has taken to sleeping with me 
 I had my Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow when I arrived. She has no-one
So I have taken her under my wing paw! 

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Tiny critters

Of course, the following photos are from my walk  out to the car in the morning. I was thrilled to see a mama cow with TWIN calves in the yard. 
 Not one but TWO cute calves born earlier this week 
 The lighter calf was much more independent ...
...and stayed with another mama cow seeming to wait its turn at the milk bar! 

And inside my house: 
No prizes for guessing what Missy is gazing at on my bedroom ceiling 
 The resident spider! 

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ghostly Missy and eating kitties

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose. I have some funny photos of Missy behind the curtain in Mum's bedroom. We were all eating but she wanted to see the spider rather...
Missy wasn't interested in our evening kibbles. She was off... spot the spider! 

 Aunty Chappie loves this time of the day!  
 The dog, Skabby had finished his bone and came in to lie next to Mum's desk 
Mama still eats her kibbles in Mum's bedroom 

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Four-and eight-legged Critters

While chatting to a visitor n the veranda outside my shop last week, I spotted a movement across the road. Behind the fence of a large conference hotel, a deer was grazing peacefully. I pointed it to the visitor who was thrilled to see wildlife strolling around freely. 

 Gemsbok grazing along the main road which leads to the mountains

 Back home, my intrepid critter watcher, Missy was on my bed gazing fixedly at a spider! 
The spider was quiet small so I wonder if it's offspring
 or the male counterpart of my resident spider 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Families rule!

On Saturday I interviewed and signed on a new member with Weigh-Less.  None other than my landlady's granddaughter, Jenna. My landlady, Ronnie is a Weigh-Less member and doing very well. Her DIL, Janine, (who is Jenna's mother - get the picture!) is also a greatly successful Weigh-Less member in my Winterton group. 

I'll do a post shortly on how family-orientated my groups are. 

While I stood bent over next to Jenna, sitting at my desk, the little kitten who she took over, jumped onto my back... and fell asleep. 

Baby Henry asleep on my back 

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hedges Kitties

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers;  this is Ambrose with an update on the kitties at home. So far I am still the only adventurous kitty who is allowed outdoors. Aunty Chappy does come out as well, but not as much as I do. 

 Here I, Ambrose, sit on the garbage can outside the back door
 Mama cat still stays in Mum's bedroom. I bet she can't believe the change in her life from a stray cat to pampered kitty in Hedges Paradise 
 Missy isn't allowed outside without Mum watching her. 
The dogs next door are waiting to catch her  
Aunty Chappie was making her bed under the desk,  for the night and wouldn't even look up when Mum took the photo

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Farm critters - what else?

As always when I see new calves on the dairy farm where I have the privilege of living, , I stop the car, get out and take photos. 

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Friday, April 12, 2019

More critters visiting the Berg

A report back on the dogs and their owners who spent five days in The Bunker. It was successful and not so successful. They never contacted me at all; but if they had, I could've solved the problem they had. The owners of The Bunker have a huge house just out of sight of my accommodation.  It's also behind an electric fence so, although The Bunker patio and surrounds isn't fenced to keep dogs in, the big house is fenced which keeps the owner's dogs in. 

The owners are in Australia for six weeks and obviously the garden staff don't always close the gate while they're working in and around their master's garden. The permanent dogs got out and while they're very friendly lads, they are obviously lonely and kept running to see the guests at The Bunker.

As I said, if they'd phoned me, I would have contacted the houselady to tell her to call their dogs into the big garden and to keep the gate closed. 

The guests kept their babies on a leash while walking them around the huge estate but insisted that other than that, they had a great holiday. 

 Just above the flowering shrub, the roof of the house next door is visible. The dogs belonging here, were lonely and kept running out of the open gate to visit the guests! 

This morning I went up to The Bunker, stripped the beds, and remade them; swept the floor and washed it; washed down the shower cubicle and put out fresh towels and toiletries. 

I finished around 8am by which time the head gardener had arrived next door. I approached him and asked him to ensure that the garden gate remains closed especially when there are guests in The Bunker. He promised to do this from now on.

On Sunday I have a couple arriving with a seven-month-old baby and two small dogs! I will ask them to contact me immediately if they see the next door house gate ajar. I am hoping the head gardener will make sure it stays closed for the week. 

This couple will leave on Thursday morning and I've seconded Estelle to man the shop from 10am when they guests vacate. It's the start of Easter Weekend and I have guests arriving at 2pm 

I also have a group of five adults and three children arriving to stay at Ulundi Family Holiday Home for the long weekend. Tomorrow  Bardy (Colette from next door's husband) will accompany me up there in the afternoon. He'll help me tell Paul, the gardener at Ulundi, how to treat the swimming pool to ensure it's beautifully clear for the visitors. I also need a man's advice on whether the gas bottles need replacing. 


Monday, April 8, 2019

Not a new kitty again?

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and I'm here to tell you about a kitty who is not new to our kitty household.

I heard Mum talking to Thandiwe (we love Thandiwe who stays with us when Mum goes out in the day) that she had found a kitty in the township where she lives. Thandiwe is very happy because her kitty eats rats (eewgh!) which is apparently a good job. 

Mum sends some of our kibbles home with Thandiwe every few days. We Hedges kitties are happy for this township kitty, especially as it stays with Thandiwe and isn't brought here. 
Thandiwe's kitty at her home in the township 

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Critters visiting the Berg

Hi everyone. Month end and it's been a bit rushed at work and having to submit admin for Weigh-Less (*sigh* I'm always late) and collecting monies from the last of my beauty orders.  
There's ample space for the dogs to run and stretch their legs in the very very large grounds which surround The Bunker

And today I have a young couple arriving  to stay at The Bunker for five days. They are bringing their three furbabies: medium sized dogs, I'm told. They're due to arrive in a few minutes so I'll soon know. 

They've arrived in the car park. I met the dogs in the car. Cute. The couple who own the doggies, are very young and love their babies. I think all should go off well.

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Weigh-Less in Winterton

I've been the Weigh-Less Group Leader for Winterton and Champagne Valley since mid-October and have had several successes already. Two of my members have reached their goal weight and three more are in the running for getting there in the next month. Several others are a third of the way and halfway to their goal. 

 Weigh-Less has specific guidelines as to how you display your information at the venue
 My own success is displayed on a paneled board - as a Group Leader you have to be at your healthy goal weight
 I deliver a lecture after weighing each member privately 
 Explaining the first steps in the Weigh-Less filo (eating plan) 
 Two of my members show their 5kg weight loss awards 
 Kerry, whose successes has featured on Facebook, proudly shows her 23kg loss 

On Thursdays I have a second group for the week, to accommodate the ladies in Champagne Valley .
 Stella smiles beautifully while reading through the March pamphlet 
The members wait for the lecture in the Valley to start