Monday, August 5, 2019

An update...

... and not another post about my furbabies! 

Hello dear blogger friends. I am still around and doing well. Although I am busy with several projects, my life is way more relaxed than it was three months ago. I've left the shop and work three mornings only, on the farm where I live. No more daily treks to and from the center. Instead I walk across the lawn from my little cottage to the farm office. No more car expenses. I had two major breakdowns  and subsequent repairs to my 12 year-old (and tired 250,000km) little  Opel. 
My 2007 Opel Meriva 

Ironically a fortnight after leaving the shop, I managed to purchase - all on my own - another little car. My friend Caroline, used the phrase: a new-to-Jo car.  
Bongani hands me the keys to my new car - under the red cover 
My 2016 Datsun GO
 with minimal kilometers on the clock 
One very pleased vintage lady with upgraded transport 

Apart from my job at the farm, I have built up my Weigh-Less groups' memberships. So much so that I even have two people in my employ : group assistants. 
Sharyn de Jongh appointed GA in Champagne Valley Group 

Jill Atkinson before joining Weigh-Less 
Jill Atkinson after three months on Weigh-Less. She lost 8kg  and is now my GA in Winterton. 
Essie Seymour lost 17.6kg in seven months

This week Jill and Essie will feature on two of my Weigh-Less posters respectively. The one Essie will grace, is to promote a special offer in my Winterton and Champagne Valley groups. Jill will appear on a poster as a guest speaker at an open meeting which I'm holding to form a group in nearby Estcourt.
Ina Olivier has lost 22kg in nine months. She is almost on her goal weight
Kerry Raven has lost 33kg since October 2018. 
Kholeka Nkosi has lost 13.4kg since February this year! 
Marina Olivier (Ina's daughter) has lost 43kg in nine months. She's the youngest member in our Valley group and loved by all! 
My DIL Amanda is also in my group. My son, Angus was my first goal weight member in 2000. Here he holds a magazine article in which he and I featured way back in 2002. He is also on the Weigh-Less plan in support of his wife. I find that sweet. 

In between I continue to manage holiday accommodation. Now that I am home, I'm able to take Thandiwe up to The Bunker. She cleans the floor and bathrooms and sweeps the patio. I change the linen and set out toiletries and coffee, tea and sugar for the next guests. 

All in a day's work! 

Have a wonderful Monday.