Sunday, December 30, 2018

Missy's anniversary

Hi Bozo  and Mum's blog  readers; this is Ambrose and although Bozo may not have a post today, Mum says this is a very  important  date for Missy. Her  one year anniversary  since she arrived  on the veranda where Mum works.  

I'm the only boy kitty in  the house  and out of the three  girl kitties, Missy is the only one I  get on  with  for  now. Mum says she  hopes that we all soon  live together  in  peace.

Meanwhile,  Missy and  I  checked out a box  in which Mum brought home her vegetables...
Me  and Missy playing  in the box 

Mum says  Missy hasn't grown into  a big kitty yet.  I thought  I  was the smallest  in the house yet Missy is  even  smaller!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018


In my previous  post  I mentioned guests  I'm waiting for  today: 26  December. These six  adults and a baby are going to stay in my large accommodation  - a ten-sleeper - until next Wednesday.  

My smaller holiday unit,  a two - sleeper  has been occupied by  a single man since  last Tuesday. He  leaves on Sunday 30th  and while Steve [hopefully] watches  the shop for  me, I'll go  and clean after this man and prepare for  two guests  who arrive at 2pm! 

But cleaning and prepping units is not what this  post is about. It's about my  single guest and what  inadvertently happened to  him  last Friday.  The owner  of  my  * small unit * set the  gardeners to mowing the huge  lawn  around their private home next  door and  the vast area surrounding my accommodation. 

The ride-on mower which the gardener  uses is  housed  in the   garage  at my unit. Guests have undercover parking  in front of this  garage. Only thing is  my  guest had parked his car flush up against the  garage door.  

As it was quiet  at  my unit, the owner surmised the  guest had gone for  a  walk on the estate and suggested to the four men with her that they  move the car back  and so gain  entry into  the garage.  

How we do  things in Africa is with muscle and strength,  the four  men picked  up the guest's car and began to move backwards with  it.  

All good and  well  until they carefully  put it down a distance from the garage...

... and the alarm went off! 

Apparently  my guest shot out of the unit, eyes as round  as saucers. He'd  been resting  on the bed  when he saw  his car floating past  the window at shoulder height!  Coming from the city where theft, especially car theft is rife,  he  thought the  worst.

The  owner,  standing with the gardeners  apologized  profusely and explained what they'd  been trying to do! She phoned  me later and  suggested I should offer the guest compensation and  deduct it from her part  of the commission. I didn't agree.  I told her that he can  "dine out" on this story  for  many years to come!  

NOTE ** I've specifically  not mentioned the names  of  either of my accommodations. For obvious reasons! 

Here's  wishing  you all a  great Wednesday.

Merry Christmas

To my dear Blogger friends, I  hope you had  wonderful Christmas  celebrations with your loved ones.   

I was  invited  to  Christmas Eve dinner  with my  neighbors and  their family. After  living on the  farm for a  year and my second  Christmas dinner with them,  I  feel part of the  family already.

Christmas Day I spent  at home - resting. I needed it. Today I'm  back at the shop and also waiting for guests to arrive so  I  can show them to their accommodation. 



Sunday, December 23, 2018

More kitty news

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose posting from the Hedges kitty household. We see Mum is very busy with the work she does but she is also home for us when we wake and need her (for food and a cuddle) 

The old kitty, Mama Cass is still behind a closed door. I can smell her... 

Every day I go out to a place where there are other kitties and there's big bowls of warm milk (poured out for the kitties who share with me) and beeeeeg animals who give the milk but don't harm us kitties. 

I come back home in time to see Mum who gives us our favorite kibbles in the afternoon. 
 Missy on Mum's people's scale 
 Chappie waiting for Mum to top up her cookie bowl! 
 Mama Cass on her blanket in the other room. Mum says she's settling in well! 

 Mama Cass on Mum's bed
Mmm, I Ambrose am still not very happy about a new kitty in the house! 

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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Rain messenger

Morning to all my blogger friends. It's Christmas holiday season here and I've been busy with delivering beauty products to customers, having my final motivational meetings with my weight loss group members, welcoming guests to my accommodation (I manage two now) and being in the shop all day. 

After a very hot and dry spell, we've finally had some rain. And I knew it was coming as my summer visitor, a rain spider had gone to the bottom of the wall in my bedroom.

 Bringer of good news: the rain spider 
 Mama Cass isn't aware of the spider behind her ! 
A close up of the spider near the floor 

We've had good soaking rains for the past two days. Bliss. Coolth. And an upsurge of customers on the veranda which means good business for us shop owners.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

New kitty

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and I'm back to blogging again. Two terrible things happened in our kitty household: Unca Shadow was caught by the dogs and he's not with us anymore. Then my dad, Ginger, lay down one morning and never got up again. Mum knows that I still don't understand the way yoomens accept these things. I miss my Unca Shadow and really miss my dad. 😿

Last week Mum came home with one of our kitty baskets and she had a cat inside it. 


 I smell a rat...
 ...or a cat! 

Mum had this kitty and her five babies at the shop. The kittens went to good homes (hope they're as good as ours) and Mum has brought the Mama cat home.

Mum has kept we house kitties separate from Mama cat until we all get used to each other. 

Mmm. I wonder when that will be? 
 The newest (and oldest) kitty added to the Hedges kitty household 
Mum calls her Mama Cass 
 Missy is very nervous having a new kitty in the house 
 Nothing bothers Aunty Chappy. She just rests and waits...

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

A prehistoric critter

Hoo-boy! I just don't seem to be posting regularly these days. Since my last post, I've had a few things happen to me which I won't post about here. They're not for the sensitive or faint-hearted! 

At least I manage to find critters and am here to share this cute lad on the shop veranda. 

Oh, and before I could photograph the critter, I managed a few snaps of the veranda cat, Lips! 
 Queen Lips of the veranda 

 Flap-necked Chameleon 

Lips hasn't noticed him. If she does, I doubt she'd show any interest. 

However, he's going up to the local reptile center.  He'd be much safer there than here where he may be killed by the night security or even stolen during the day by shoppers.
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Sunday, December 9, 2018

An old gentleman

Last Sunday, exactly a month after I lost my dear Shadow cat, Ginger, my oldest cat, the  passed away peacefully.

I fed the four cats their meaty treats at about 4.30am. As I place a bowl in front of each cat, I stroke that one's head. I remember doing exactly this for Ginger and that he bent down to eat. 

I walked to my desk and turned on my laptop. As I looked towards my kitchen where I feed the kitties, I saw Ginger lying  on his side at his bowl. 

I phoned my vet, Arina who said he'd obviously had an embolism and went peacefully. 

We inherited Ginger with our house in Keirio Valley, Kenya in 2010. When we had him neutered (not before he'd sired Ambrose!) the vet in Eldoret said he was about seven years old. 

Ginger was 15 years old when he passed.

I could see Grant, Shadow in his arms, meeting Ginger at the Rainbow bridge. 

Rest in peace my dear sweet Ginger. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Just born

Yesterday while driving past the paddock where the cows sleep at night, I saw a single cow in there.  In the morning the whole herd moves from here to the dairy to be milked and finally out to another paddock above the dairy to spend the day grazing and chewing the cud. (Pun intended!)  As I got closer, I noticed a vvelvety blob on the ground beside her. This mama cow had just given birth! 

Of course I stopped and captured the moment...

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P.S. I've been absent for an absolute age and that's not me. I'm back now.