Monday, January 28, 2019

Conference in the city

On Saturday I drove 180km (one way) from the farm to the city of Durban on the eastern seaboard of Southern Africa. I attended a conference - one of two held per year - for Weigh-Less. 

I left home at 6h40 in the rain. And turned onto the freeway in the rain. And drove all the way to Durban in the rain. It was hectic for this country bumpkin, hillbilly of a granny but whoopee, I made it there. And enjoyed the meeting and made it all the way back in one day! 

At the hall, I met up with the ladies from Pietermaritzburg and Durban and my favorite group leader, Zulaika Hoosen, (Ladysmith based) who put me through my paces last year when I trained towards becoming a group leader. 

The event on Saturday is held  early in the year,  especially to recognize  the Weigh-Less group leaders for their achievements during the past year. I haven't been with Weigh-Less for all that time - I only launched my two groups in mid-October last year. 

However, there I was being called up and awarded for being the most progressive group leader in the province. It was great to be acknowledged so early in my career with Weigh-Less. 

There were many other awards being given out - and ultimately the Group Leader of 2018 award was presented to a lovely lady, Sadia from Durban. As soon as it looked as if things were winding down and we'd soon be saying goodbye, I slipped off  to visit the ladies' rest room before embarking on my long journey home. 

When I walked back into the hall from the rear,  it was dead quiet and every head turned to watch me. The founder and chairperson of Weigh-Less, Mary Holroyd and her regional manager, Rouna were looking directly at me. Although I haven't been with the overall team all that long, and afterwards thought I was probably being forward, I pointed to myself and said "What ? Have I done something wrong?" 

Everyone burst out laughing and Mary said, No, you need to come up and collect your award as The Newcomer of the year  2018 ! As I walked to the front again, the other ladies all applauded. I was touched and thrilled to be acknowledged for my efforts albeit over the past four months! As Mary handed me my trophy, she also gave me an envelope and said, this is a voucher for you. 

Eventually we all said goodbye to each other and I left the city, hitting the freeway by 2pm and arriving home shortly after 4pm. Phew! I was relieved to have had safe trip to and from the city and know that next time I won't be so apprehensive about embarking on such a journey.

This morning I remembered the envelope Mary had given me and opened it. It was a pamper voucher for Woolworths to the value of R500! This translates as US$36 which doesn't seem/sound so much but is a king's ransom to me! Now I need to get to the city again to spend the voucher. 
The certificate, trophy (top left) and pamper voucher I was awarded at the conference on Saturday 


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sleeping kitties and dog

Hi  Bozo and Mum's blog readers;  this is Ambrose  and I'mm positing about sleeping kitties and our dog,  Skabenga. Yesterday Mum  was away at a F AAAAAR place  and because it  was cool and  raining,  she kept us  kitties indoors until she came back.  She has been very busy with meetings and she also goes to the  shop  every  day. I  think she  will  post about what she's been doing soon.

 Aunty Chappie loves to sleep  in a  box -all  kitties do  
 I catch up  on my sleep before I go  out again - I  love visiting the dairy but always look out for the dogs! 
 Missy  always sleeps on Mum''s office chair - often when Mum uses it too! 

Mama Cass lives in Mum's bedroom  

Skabenga is  a very  friendly dog - the only one  -  apart from you,  Bozo,  we kitties  trust  

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Afternoon traffic on the farm

Driving home  along the farm road yesterday, I had to stop and  wait for the cows to enter the paddock where they spend the night. While some were going  through the gate, a great number  turned to  the other  side, frustrating  the herdsman somewhat! 

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hot kitties

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and THIS week I have all the kitties on this post. We are feeling very hot and stretch out to get cooler. 
 Mama Cass is much cooler in the bedroom! 
Cat's stretch out when it's hot!  
 I, Ambrose and Missy socializing while we try to cool down as well!  
Chappie hopped into a box which has just had Mum's cool vegetables in it! 

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Teeny critter; giant squash

Yesterday I'd been tidying and watering the garden below my veranda rail at the shop, when I felt a light sensation in my hair! I turned to Colette who was standing on the steps alongside my garden to take a look. It was a teeny praying mantis. She gently picked it off my head and placed it in the abundant potted greenery outside her shop.

I managed a few  snaps as it crept around and behind the geranium leaves looking for shelter. 

 Although it looks magnified in the photo, due to my zooming in on it, the tiny praying mantis was only about and inch long

Back at home, my garden is thriving. Mainly with pumpkins (butternuts) and new potatoes. It's mid-summer here in South Africa and the temperatures have been unbearably hot and dry. Our rains just aren't arriving and the daily temps are in excess of 37 degrees Celsius /  98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The gem squashes in my garden are the size of a soccer ball. 
  The giant sized gem squash in my garden at home 
 Another lighter variety of the same gem squash 
These two squashes are enough for a family of eight! 

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

All the girls!

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this Ambrose and I have a post where I  don't appear! I was out socializing with the dairy cats yesterday when Mum took photos of the girls resting in the house. 
Aunty  Chappie waits on the  counter top in  case Mum hands out cookies
 Missy on her day bed  
Mama Cass  keeps cool in hand basin  

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Full steam ahead holiday guests

Since the first weekend in  December, I've had  guests in  The  Bunker. My long stay guest  whose car later floated  past the  window (LOL)  arrived  on  Monday  17th  December  mere minutes after I'd cleaned after a beautiful young Swazi couple  who'd vacated it that morning.   This guest left early on Sunday 30th December. I was up there to clean before I opened the shop. 

The Bunker: ostensibly sleeps two, a child under 12 by arrangement, my elegant and upmarket Central Drakensberg accommodation 

At 8, Estelle arrive bringing bedding and a single sleeper for the couple and ten-year-old who were booking in at 2pm. After I'd placed the guests' gifts on the table, taken a last look around to see  everything looks inviting, I locked the door. Estelle had asked me to come down to their house (also on the estate) for a cuppu before I came to the center to open The Art Box.

At 10am, my next guests arrived at the shop. Normally check in time is 14h00 but I'd told them they could collect the keys and book in earlier. They were thrilled and on Monday (last day of the year) they popped into the shop to say how much they were enjoying my beautiful unit. 

The gentleman has just arrived at the shop this morning (Wednesday) handed in the  keys and thanked me again for the  lovely stay and said they'd be back! 

Estelle will relieve me at the shop around 11am. I'll go up to The Bunker, clean and prep for the next guests arriving at  2pm.

Meanwhile  my larger group of young people arrived to spend from 26 December until today 2 January, at Ulundi Family Holiday Home.  They were settled in OK but by Friday,  they asked if they could have HTH  as the pool was green. I had left 2kg of HTH  with the gardener who should  have ensured the pool was kept in pristine condition. Out here in the Valley  not one of the supermarkets stock pool cleaner so after work I drove to Winterton  and bought a 4kg container from the hardware store.  

Next  morning, after I'd done my Parkrun, I arrived at work at 9am. Bardy,  Colllette's husband  had kindly agreed to take the granules up to Ulundi and apply  to the pool. We decanted a few cups into a plastic container which Bardy left with the  guests. The remainder of the HTH is with me for new guests. 

This morning Ulundi guests checked out saying how they enjoyed their stay  at the large family  home. I  was pleased to hear this as it was the first  time I'd rented out this rather more rustic home. 

Ulundi Family Holiday Home: sleeps up to ten  guests. Spacious and comfortable, Ulundi has proved to be a great place to holiday with family and  friends

Estelle is due in half and hour and  I will leave her to "man" the shop while I prep for the next  guests at The Bunker. On the way out, I will drop new cosmetic brochures with  customers along the veranda on the way to my car.