Saturday, January 29, 2022

Groundscraper Thrush

 Good afternoon dear Blogger friends. As I popped onto the veranda this morning, I noticed this bird on the lawn. I have heard its call in the past few weeks which is a mixture of harsh and whistled phrases. So I was glad it was in my garden foraging for earthworms in the newly rained-upon grass. 

Groundscraper Thrush

This bird seemed to be quite young. Firstly it still had a slightly yellow gape and secondly it was not at all perturbed that a dog and three cats were on the veranda while a human snapped away at it. 

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tractor photo?

Good morning dear Blogger friends. 

Living on this farm for the past four years, I see tractors on a daily basis. I have just (this week) procured the roadworthy and licenses for the twenty farm vehicles of which five are tractors. Four of these don't display license discs as they only travel on the farm roads.  

So why would Jo take a photo of a tractor? This tractor was standing on a grass verge of the main road between the farm and Estcourt, a nearby town. I was on my way to have lunch with a friend who lives just off the road and stopped to snap the tractor. 

The other reason I took this photo, was to get back into my Wednesday theme of interesting lines or contours and continue in that theme. 

So here goes: my New Year's blog resolution to keep up posting and visiting your blogs. 


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Danger alert...

 ...or not! 

If you've seen my Saturday post, you will know that Skabby alerted me to the presence of a snake. Not a too-venomous snake, but after taking photos, I moved it carefully from near the veranda to under the shrubs at the bottom of my garden. 

My first thought was to see where the cats was and of course, keep Skabby from biting the snake in half! 

Whoo-hoo, I protect Mum and the kitties from danger - like snakes and things...
Where Mum? Where is the snake? 

All the noise outside interrupted my kitty nap
Snake? I have bigger teeth than a snake, Mum! 

Happy Sunday to you all ! 

Saturday, January 22, 2022


Red-lipped herald -  this was a very feisty snake! 

Here the midsection is visibly "fatter" and lumpy

These last two images are from where I had deposited the snake in the bottom of my garden

Good afternoon dear Blogger friends. This morning as I was leaving for Parkrun, Skabby barked into the flowerbed next to the veranda. He always barks and snaps at the bumble bees in the garden, so I shooshed him away and took a closer look.

Nah. No bumble bee this time. It was a rather fat snake coiled up on the cool soil between the bulbines. I dashed for my camera and took several photos. Then, using the small garden fork, I picked up the snake and carried it to the  shrubs at the bottom of my garden.

I recognized the snake: a red-lipped herald. These are harmless to humans and animals but can be quite ferocious. And this one was. I think it was a female snake. The middle section looked quite lumpy. And it was only afterwards that I thought I should have carried the snake out to the paddock beyond the farm gates.

Mmm. Now she may come back to my veranda which is level with the garden and have her brood of baby vipers there. 

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

My angel Mum

 Today marks the 20th anniversary of my Mum, Daphne's death. I am glad that while she was my earthly mother, especially after she'd been widowed, that I showed her the love and respect she deserved. 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Back in the swing!

 Good morning my dearest Blogger friends. Thank you so much for your well wishes and encouragement. Yes, I am up and about and going strong. 

This week, Nurse brought the ride-on mower into my garden and prettied up my lawn. It always looks so beautiful after a mow...

My own piece of paradise 
Even though I am fit enough to go for walkies, it has rained, rained and rained some more! The farm road is a quagmire! 
Poor dear Pup - utter resignation ! 


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Tenth day!

 Good morning my dear Blogger friends. Thank you, one and all for you kind comments on my recovery. Today is Day 10 and I am out of quarantine. However, I still don't feel energetic enough to dance a jig so am spending Sunday in bed. 

You can imagine who is happy Mum has been at home for so long!

The kitties are happy Mum is finally doing what they do best: sleeping! 

Skabby lies next to my bed but generally he is out on the lawn, soaking up the sun! 
In between he takes gentle sips of water ! Daft dog! 

Being the rainy season, we have not had many walks - and now that I am out of commission, that is on the back burner as well! 


Saturday, January 8, 2022

Oh whey...

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. As soon as I thought I had it all under control, the rug was pulled from under my feet. 

On New Years Eve! 

 I woke up at 2am on Friday 31 December 2021, with a violent headache. At 5am I sent a message to my Taigelates instructor to say I'd not be attending group that morning. At 9am, I drove  to Winterton and saw the clinic sister who gave me meds and told me to go home to bed. 

I did just that. 

 I slept from 11.30 until 2pm when my neighbor, Ronnie phoned me. Her daughter and family had been visiting on Wednesday. I remember sending a wave to Mandy who was sitting in the garden with her mum,  Ron, her brother, Gavin and her own little girl. Ron phoned me to say Mandy had been tested positive with Covid and their family had returned to Johannesburg. Ron and John had been to town to be tested - they were negative. 

I got up out of bed; drove to the doctor in town (not my doctor) and requested a rapid test.  I watched the little red line move across to the right; the doctor checked and pronounced me positive. I came home, phoned Ron and told her I was positive. She asked if I needed anything and suggested I stay home and in bed.

Which I was doing! 

On Saturday morning, Nine (my neighbor on the other side) phoned to say she was in her way to the Clicks pharmacy which was open on New Year's day. She returned with pain meds, a multi-vitamin and two meals from PicknPay supermarket. She'd had Covid in December and knew exactly what was needed to alleviate the terrible back and neck pain and fever; symptoms of the virus. She'd also treated me to a punet of mango slices which was most welcome. 

That evening Jenna (Nine's daughter who is home from her teaching post at St John's private girl's school) arrived with a delicious vegetable stir fry and asked if there was anything she could do for me. I said that on Sunday, I had an accommodation changeover from weekend guests to a family who were arriving for a long stay. No problem to Jenna and Derryn, (who is home from her teaching post at a private boy's school in Pretoria/Gauteng)!  They met Thandi at the local lifestyle center at the Valley entrance and the three of them proceeded to clean, sanitize and prep The Bunker for the next guests! I had supplied a check list of how to do this and of course, Thandi is very au fait with the process. So all went exceptionally well and quickly and the guests were thrilled by the welcome. 

That evening Derryn arrived with a platter of baked whole wheat wraps cut into triangles, sliced brie,  cocktail tomatoes and guacamole. 

The light and tasty snack which my neighbors brought me on Sunday night

So far my symptoms were only the back and neck pain. The antibiotics from the clinic sister had alleviated the fever.  

On Monday morning Ron went to town and did a small shop for me. On Wednesday my friend Arina (Avon mentor), arrived on my veranda. Both masked, we spoke through the window. She had brought me a bunch of flowers from her garden which she left on my patio table .

A cheery arrangement of roses and snapdragons from my friend, Arina's summer garden 

On Thursday Ron shopped again and brought me a selection of juicy fruits : nectarines, grapes and cherries as well as cocktail tomatoes and a frilly lettuce. These were foods I felt like this week! 

I have turned the corner, Praise God. And on my way back into society on next week. I am not sure where I contracted the virus; I am ultra careful, wearing the mandatory mask as soon as I step outdoors. I wash my hands regularly and we have to sanitize at every business area we enter in South Africa. I never hug anyone (the elbow greeting has been the norm for me since the pandemic broke out in April 2020) and I don't appreciate it when people ignore the social distancing rule while waiting in a queue. 

However, I am grateful that I am alive to tell the tale. This is due to being tested quickly and then reacting by going to bed and sweating and waiting it out, just as quickly. The care from my friends and neighbors was invaluable in keeping up my strength and my morale. I have been isolated - not having contact with anyone - since 31 December 2021! 

And the ultimate saving grace? 

I believe if I was not vaccinated, my post may have been written as an obituary, by one of my many caring friends!