Sunday, January 19, 2020

Cardinal Woodpecker

This is my first post in ages on Eileen's Saturday Critters. Sitting at my desk on Friday I heard a woodpecker, well, pecking at some wood somewhere nearby.

I grabbed my camera next to my desk and dashed outside. I followed the sound to a branch protruding from a huge tree in Ronnie's garden. I stood at the fence outside their yard and took several  dozen photos of this industrious little bird working hard at making her nest.

When I downloaded the photos I had to delete about 90% and finally saved a few to show here.

Cardinal Woodpecker (Female)

It's Sunday morning here in the Southern Hemisphere. My internet played up something awful yesterday, so I hope I'm still in time to link to Saturday Critters, (here) here


Sunday, January 12, 2020

A mother joins her son

Many of you knew me when Grant and I lived in West, North and East Africa. Many of you were there for me when he passed away two years ago. Thank you!

Grant's mom, Pam outlived her older son. This is not natural and she took his death much harder than I did. In May last year, Pam turned 90 and my sister-in-law, Shelley (my birding mentor and best friend) and I arranged to have a big party for Pam in the retirement center in Marquard.

Pam's 90th birthday 11 May 2019

In the photo  (starting with me at left) is Pam's "younger"   sister, Carole who's 77. Gill her other younger sister, 84. Shelley, the other daughter-in-law. Charles, the only remaining son. Angus, grandson and Bruce, grandson. Great-grandchildren: Liam with me, Joel next to Pam and Abbey kneeling in front.

Charles, wearing the kilt,  played the bagpipes at the party later. It went down very well with the old ladies.

I saw Pam for the four days I spent in Marquard early November. I noticed she had become very frail and the home's sisters told me Pam wasn't coming out of her room much, except to eat lunch once a day.

Two weeks before Christmas she had a sore on her toe. The Doctor treated her for three weeks; it was gout due to high acidity in her bloodstream. I spoke to her last Monday and she said she's in a lot of pain but getting better.

Last night Amanda, my DIL phoned me and said the doctor had contacted her and said Pam was being taken to hospital in a nearby town. She had complained of severe abdominal pains and couldn't swallow.

I didn't think it would help to phone the night staff. But at 7am this morning, I phoned the nurses station and asked after Pam. The staff member I spoke to put me through the third degree. Asked who I was. And what was my relationship to Pamela Elizabeth Hedges. When she was satisfied I was Pam's daughter, she conferred off phone with someone else in her office. Then came back and said: I'm sorry my darling. Your mummy passed away at 9.28 last night.

Apparently they were about to send a policeman to Angus' home to give him the news.  I told them it's OK. I'd notify the family.

Although I had expected the worst, it was still a great shock to actually hear Pam had passed away.

Rest in peace, Mum

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Oh whey!

Or should that be: oh WEIGH?

The festive season is over, thank goodness. My Weigh-Less classes started again earlier this week and I was so pleased to see many of the members coming in to weigh, reconnect with their fellow Weigh-Less members and glean motivation from my lecture for the new year.

Last year I discovered an app on my Smartphone and ended up playing with my photos for the group. Since the beginning of December, to keep my members motivated and also as a marketing ploy, I update my status with photos and pithy sayings on a daily basis. My intention (and it works) was to use a play of words. Working for a company called Weigh-Less, makes it rather easy and great fun to use pithy wording with great effect. It definitely catches the attention of contacts on my WhatsApp.

This week coming I have a promotion on my groups and already I've had several queries via WhatsApp or people stopping me in the street as to when they can join.

I also had two weeks off from the farm office and my Avon sales. My accommodation guests were long stays which also made it easy.

I'm about to blog hop this evening and catch up on your news.