Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy Pets New Year !

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose with the last post of the year. I don't know what that means but we kitties hear the yoomens saying things being last.

Meanwhile we kitties have had another blissful week. We stay indoors on any of the five (what's that Unca Shadow?) Oh SIX beds made up on donuts, on duvets and on pillows set in chairs in our cottage. There is also a large duvet for the doggie, Skabenga. He got this blanket from Muthi when we stayed at Aunty Estelle in a rocky place called a shack.

When people ask Mum if she's settled in, she looks at all the lovely comfy spots she's made us, smiles and says: 

 Aunty Chappie under the chair in which Unca Shadow normally sleeps at night
 This is I, Ambrose. In the background you can see the chair on which Unca Shadow normally sleeps. On either side of the chair is a duvet and a covering; Dad Ginger and I often sleep together on one or the other, depending on how we feel.
 Dad Ginger guards the door from the bedroom to the lounge/kitchen. The dog is afraid of kitties and won't pass while Dad Ginger is sitting there even though he'd love to come to his Mum
 Unca Shadow resting on a bedspread which Mum has set out on the end of her bed in case a kitty wants to rest there. I'm not sure why Mum blurred this photo...

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Mum has told me I have to say this to you all:


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Typical Farm Critters

Skabenga and I have started walking again every afternoon. He, of course, loves it although he's taken a little time to get used to the cattle along the way. 

As we left the garden yesterday, I noticed that the only horse on the farm, was standing a lot higher than the cattle. I dashed back inside fetch my camera... 

 From my garden gate, I could see the horses stood head and shoulders above the cattle!
 The farm road past the cattle pens. Skabenga and I turned right here and walked all along the farmyard towards the outer fields
 A young calf butts its head at Skabenga. Note there is always an old vehicle on the farm!
 At the top of the heap!
 From a distance the horse could be a statue!

 Turning a corner towards the right of the previous paddock, we passed the milking pen and a classic old barn
 A pastoral scene in the late afternoon sunshine 

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Silhouetted against the sky

When I look towards my neighbor's garden, I see this giant (albeit injured) against the beautiful sky. John tells me that this tree was struck by lightening some years ago but still stands tall against the sky

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Parkrun Volunteering No 2

Last Saturday I, once again,  volunteered at Parkrun. I decided to do three volunteering stints in memory of Grant who'd become the official sweeper for most of the year as we took part. 

As usual it was great fun for the runners.walkers, doggies, volunteers and visitors alike. 

Joanine Mostert, (third from the right) one of the organizers, arranged to have her whole family at this week's Parkrun. Including her mum and husband. (far left)
As always I zoomed in on the four-legged participants
A proud young father with his cute twin daughters s. Mama on the left took part in Parkrun while dad played putt-putt with the little girls
The start - we're blessed in Winterton to have the most beautiful views (our famous mountain peaks) while you do Parkrun. We're also lucky in that we have many visitors taking part; not only during the holidays but all year round
The little girl in the middle received a certificate stating that she'd done ten Parkruns
You can walk or run the course. It's a 5km round route and there is no precious to finish it in any specific time. As long as you finish it, your barcode will be scanned at the end and your results sent to you by e-mail
My friend, Marelize (who owns a business here in the Vallley) and Tiger her miniature Daschund run the entire way
See? You can walk the course all the while chatting to your friends
The little dog which I snapped earlier decided to stop and see what I was doing kneeling on the grass next to the track
She also caught sight of another dog coming along with her owner....
John Muirhead (my friend and now landlord) and his dog, Katie who doesn't have to walk on a leash  because she's so obedient
Alan and Anthony - our oldest Parkrunners. Ant was late and handed me his running shoes. He finished the course barefoot !
A gentleman and his very energetic young German Shepherd

As I returned to the start/finish I told Esmarie (one of the other organizers) that there was no sweep. Just then a strong runner arrived with his dad and we gave him the volunteer's hi-viz waistcoat and asked him to check for casualties and come in after everyone else.

The official sweep
  As volunteers we get a free hot drink while waiting for the runners to come in. We also get a free breakfast; I've not been able to have mine - will save one of the three for when Steve opens the shop for me and I can come in later
The volunteers in Christmas mode
I got quite a jolt when I noticed Grant's Parkrun ticket in the ones which Esmarie keeps for the runners
The first man home in under 19 minutes
First dog home! 

 It was the second time I was scanner of the barcodes as people came in. They store them in interesting places suchj as this one woman: she secured her laminated barcode to her shoelace!
My sweet friend, Jenny strides into the finish
John and Katie stroll up to the finish lane
 The erstwhile boisterous German Shepherd is rather tired by the end of his 5km walk 

This coming Saturday (30 December) I'll volunteer my services again. From 6 January 2018, I hope to be walking the course again. 

Watch this space... 


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Two Christmas outings

On Sunday after returning home from the shop (which I closed around 3.30pm, I decided to have a snack for supper and then an early night.

Ronnie phoned me about 4.45 and asked if I was going to my family for Christmas Eve. I said no, that was for Christmas day. So she invited me to her and Janine's Christmas Eve dinner next door. 
 This is the view of John and Ronnie's home from my cottage
 This is my own front lawn with cattle pens at the end
 This is the view of Janine and Gavin'[s home from my cottage 

I arrived at Gavin and Janine's home shortly after 6pm on Christmas Eve. Their daughters (from Varsity) and their even younger cousins from the city we playing a game in the diningroom. The adults were sitting chatting on the large veranda and watching the sun set over the mountains. I didn't have my camera and didn't take any photos. (don't ask me why; I'm still kicking myself!)

The ladies had all prepared meats and vegetables. The young girls had made accompaniments of salads and pumpkin pie and also been solely responsible for the most delicious desserts. It was such a wonderful evening with friends who made me feel at home and part of the celebrations. 

The next morning at 9.15 John, Debbie and children collected me. We were on our way to Debbie's mom (Barbar's) cousin who has a home and B&B in the Midlands Meander. 

As we arrived, I noticed the old doggie in her kennel. Apparently she's rather old and stays out of the way when there are people around. 
 Honey, the old family dog 
 The pup, Tessa 
 Mel, Barbara's sister had set three tables heautifully with the Christmas theme 
 Our six Kwa-Zulu Natal grandchildren

 Both Debbie's sisters and their young daughters were there too 
 There was food enough to feed an army  

We were 20 people around this Christmas Lunch table 

How awesome it is to have such wonderful family and friends. Barbara and Mike (Debbie's parents) and Grant and I have known each other for 19 years. Is there any measure of friendship greater than this at a time when I needed people the most? 

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