Sunday, May 23, 2021

Critters of South Africa return!

 Good afternoon dearest Blogger friends. Thank you everyone, for your kind words after the loss of our dearest Ambrose. I still look around for him and I know I will for a long time to come.

Meanwhile, life has been very busy. April and May have been holiday months in South Africa with several public holidays scattered over the past six weeks. This, of course, means business for holiday accommodation and that's me! 

The large family holiday home I managed until Lockdown in April last year, was sold. The new owner contacted me in November. All the red tape was finally final in February. I met with Mark and Sue at the house and by end of March I had my first booking. This is all news for a future post.

Back on the farm, the calves are being born at a rapid rate and the woodpeckers are back making their nests in the garden. 

Cardinal Woodpecker in a tree over my garden fence

A black cow and her brown calf with a white-tipped

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