Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ambrose fit and healthy again

Ambrose playing with one of his [many] toys - a blue mouse

Shadow is pleased that he can play with his little brother again

And engage is some real rough and tumble!

I hope you're all having a great week!


  1. I missed a lot of posts here on your page. I can see that you really love cats, bird watching and gardening. I really like the variety of birds and plants that you are posting here. I seldom find it here in UAE that is why I like visiting Al Ain Zoo.

  2. Oh, Shadow is so sweet to play with Ambrose.
    And Ambrose is SO cute.
    Luv, K

  3. Oh My---didn't realize that Ambrose had been sick... Glad he is better ---and it looks like he and Shadow are having fun together.

  4. So glad your pet is better, Jo! We don't have a pet here at all so Frances gets all my attention. I do love playing with her and watching her! (Big Smile here) Someone asked me why we don't get ourselves a dog or a cat and my response was, "I don't have time to train a dog and I don't want to be trained by a cat!"

  5. I am glad that Ambrose is well again, they are such cute cats!

  6. How cute ! It's funny that they are both ginger cats. Here in the hotel I have also seen two ginger cats. One is singing serenades for the guests. I don't know if it is really appreciated.

  7. Cats play-fighting are so cute. I'm glad that Ambrose is feeling better.


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