Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend 19-20 November 2011

Driving through the village last Friday, we came across a nanny goat with a new-born kid. The kid doesn't look as small in the photo as it actually did, but the umbilical cord is still attached. The mother moved protectively in front of the baby as we stopped to take photos.

New-born goat kid with its mother

On Saturday we went up the mountain to Eldoret for our monthly shopping spree.
With all the rain this year, the waterfalls are in full flow

I'd made scones and Grant made a flask of coffee. We stopped near the top of the mountain and while the men enjoyed this snack, I took photos.

Baglafecht Weaver male

And of course, I snapped the motorcycle taxis on the road.

I didn't have time to change my camera settings as I swung around to snap these three gentlement on the motorcycle so the image is rather overexposed. They were very friendly and called Good Morning as they free-wheeled down the steep mountain road!

Seconds later I heard a motorcycle coming up the road and swung around to photograph it. I missed the side view as it passed in front of me but...

...ten minutes later we passed it on the tarred road and I managed to snap the passengers. Three children, laughing and chattering away, were perched behind the driver!


On Sunday morning Grant and I went out birding for the first time in many weeks. It's been too wet to even try. Our first stop was to watch an LBJ (little brown job/bird) who sat still for me to photograph it.
A Black-eyed-bulbul poses for me

and gave us a show in the bath!
Another motorcycle taxi along the mine road

I don't normally miss posts, but didn't have anything yesterday due to a full weekend away from the computer. I have more bird posts and will return again tomorrow.

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Wonderful photos Jo. I just love the countryside. Now I'm "homesick". Have a lovely week. Hugs.

  2. Great post Jo with all the human and animal interests.

  3. The weaver is very pretty. That must be some ride on one of those taxis. I see the road is not sealed.

  4. The motorcycle taxis are hilarious. Such small bikes for such big loads.

  5. That's a funny collection of pictures ! makes me think of Egypt especially the guys on the motorcycle taxi !

  6. I love the photo of the bird bathing, or having a mud-bath, whichever it ended up being!
    Yes, did miss you, and wondered if you were away.
    The nanny goat with her newborn kid is precious, Jo.
    Take care.
    Luv, K

  7. OMGoodness, Jo! Those are the things I sometimes miss seeing - the cycle riders and all the abundance of wildlife.


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