Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yay, it's holiday!

Last Thursday the school had the year end function. Once again, we were invited. During the week, Sharda and I baked two large cakes and iced them. We also had frozen many of the cupcakes we'd baked for the previous function, so we defrosted and iced these as well.

All the school results were anounced and the children lined up for the parents and visitors to see how well they'd done. Naomi's little girl, (and our "progeny") Stacey, who joined the school in April this year, was also up there with the top students, having achieved 629/700 points. A vast improvement on the 480/700 mark she achieved in her first exam.

Stacey, (centre) smiles proudly as the Vice-head-teacher anounces her name and year-end result (While it's great to have these events outdoors, it's not always easy for the photographer to get good shots! Lol)

Several visitors were asked to hand out prizes.
Here Sharda congratulates a young student on her achievement

Johan hands out the awards to the Standard 7's

Grant congratulating a student on his achievement (Note the student's left hand under his right elbow. This is the African custom to show that he conceals no weapon and no malice is intended as he shakes your hand)

Aren't these two little visitors so cute, dressed in identical jerseys and jeans?

Head teacher, Caroline makes her speech imploring the parents to allow the children to rest over the holidays but not to forget about their books

Preparing the cake table
Teacher, Abigail lights the candles on the cake while Caroline, Sharda and I confer about something (can't remember what!)

When we'd  cut the cakes, Caro (Guest House chef, who's child was also present) and several teachers served the waiting children and parents.

In amongst the excitement and cheering , I was most impressed by the sedate manner in which the children and their parents waited for their share of the cakes and treats. I 've seldom seen such good manners in the Western world!

The children wait patiently to receive their cake and lollipops... did the parents


  1. It looks like a highly successful end to the school year. The children have had a great year and it was heart warming to hear of little Naomi's great improvement. Kudos to you and Grant, and to those who helped make the year a success.

  2. they look so smart in their uniform, but is it cold to wear jerseys?

  3. A wonderful post to read Jo and those kids look so well behaved..
    Thanks for the handshake info a lovely thing to see.

    You were so close when you asked if we lived in Amanzimtoti as we spent a lot of time on the beach there (so i am told. We lived ( and I was born) in Umbogintwini just a few miles north of there.
    When my brother went back a couple of years ago the old house was still there but was due for demolition in a couple of weeks... perfect timing to take some pics before it was too late.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future..
    Take care xx

  4. What a delight to be involved with the school.

  5. Hi Jo, they all look like very serious students and so neat in their uniforms.The two little one sin matching sweaters are beautiful, probably looking forward to the day when they can take part.
    Your fascinator (feathered head gear) is gorgeous!

  6. This looks like it was a lovely and meaningful ceremony. The children look so sweet and well-behaved. Congratulations to Stacey!

    I like your little feathery black hat, Jo! You look very sharp in black and white.

  7. Oh my! What wonderful reading as I floated back in time to Bible School graduation ceremonies at our school in Eldoret! You are an excellent communicator, Jo.


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