Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birding in the valley

On Sunday morning Grant and I drove to the dam for a spot of birding. As usual we weren't disappointed. As we've seen many, if not most of the birds in the area, it's still exciting to seen well-known birds either doing unusual [to human] things or are in strange situations.

Black-headed Heron lifts its leg and claw as if in a greeting (or is it a warning)  to the crazy lady photographer invading his space

Taking a couple more photos of this beautiful bird and other egrets sunning themselves, I turned towards a stream created by piped water from the top dam to the one where we were birding. There we spotted two Hamerkop birds (translated Hammer heads - due to the shape of their heads) fishing in the fast-flowing water. As we watched we noticed a likkewaan (a common lizard-like, but harmless reptile) wandering around in between the two birds. I took several photos but only when I downloaded them onto my computer, did I notice that there had been two likkewaans with the birds.  
A Hamerkop waits patiently beside the stream

The first likkewaan makes its way across the stream
The first (and larger) likkewaan on the bank of the little stream
The other Hamerkop in the front of the photo with the second, smaller likkewaan, above it in the photo,  wandering in the stream while the first likkewaan (top right) walks up the bank

Both Hamerkops in the photo now with the second likkewaan in the background

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  1. Very interesting creatures, Jo. I'm glad you said they're harmless.
    The photo of the heron is great! "Hi, Jo, I see you're back again."
    — K

  2. Nice pics - loved the first one and those lizards are scary. thanks for sharing.

  3. Those lizards look like baby monitor nile lizards! Do you know what species they are? They birds are lovely! I would LOVE to see a Hamerkop one of these days!!!

  4. Terrific captures for the day, Jo! Love the heron and that is a BIG lizard! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  5. I am rather ignorant concerning birds, but I am sure I never saw these once ! I recognize a robin, sperling, magpie and a crow, and I think that's it. Owls too, lol !

  6. Love the Heron and that's SOME lizard Girl!!!

  7. Hi Jo, great captures. The Hamerkop are cool looking birds and those likkewaan lizards look big. Do they bite? I hope all is well, have a great day!

  8. Love these bird pictures too...and those lizards remind me of Komodo dragons, so I'm glad you said they are harmless!

  9. Beautiful photos! Happy OWT.

  10. Oooohweeee... those likkewaans are something! Not anything like the cute geckos we have running around our house. Quite the array of critters you have in (Y)Our World! I enjoyed my browse in your blog. You live in a corner of the world I have yet to visit.

  11. I don't think I've ever seen either of those animals before--the likkewaan and the Hamerkop bird. These are great captures, Jo.

  12. WoW and double WoW! Wonderful captures of the Hamer-kop and the likkewaan. (Is that the same as monitor lizard?) I would have been too excited to hold the camera still.


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