Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kenya Fluorspar School Class 8 Motivation Dinner

On Sunday night, two weeks ago, we were invited to a dinner at school. It was a motivation dinner for the Class 8 students who write their National Exam in November. If they pass these successfully, they leave the Primary school here in the Valley and move onto very good (private Secondary schools in Eldoret, Nairobi and Nakuru).

The evening started with outdoor games. Two teams stood on opposite sides of a volley ball net. Using about three dozen balls of socks, the teams had to lob the "balls" across the net and catch/pick up the balls that were lobbed to their side. In between the boys lobbed two large plastic balls. When Sue blew the whistle, the team with the least balls in their court, was the winner. Great fun!

Then it was the adults' turn. The same rules applied but when the whistle blew, the teachers and expats got into an argument about why their side shouldn't have had so many balls. (the one team had the school children helping them lob the balls back into the adulo other team's side!

There were a couple more games involving the adults; one being the children held balloons on respective chairs, the adults had to sit on and burst them, and run back to the next contestant, who in turn, raced to the chair and balloon.  Great fun and hysterical laughter all round.
Fun and games (and arguments - see middle two photos, LOL!) and bursting the balloon (see last two photos) on the school field last week

Then we repaired into the school hall for a couple of indoor games. After a delicious dinner produced by our Guest House chef, Wheatcliffe,  the PTA chairman, and BOG (board of governors) chairman and company managing director, addressed the Class 8 and adults.
A fun evening with adults helping the students build puzzles and card-houses in a set time. Beautifully set tables, delicious food and great company made it a lovely evening

A wonderful gesture on the part of the company to motivate this senior class in the upcoming exams.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. How wonderful for the students to have this kind of encouragement and motivation. I wish that all the students in Kenya could be so blessed and am thankful for those that have opportunities like this. May they all do well on their exams! Blessings.

  2. It's great to see the company encouraging the children like this. It must make the parents very happy, and happy employees are productive employees.
    It looks like you had a good time. Were you completely over your illness and able to participate in the games, or were you too busy with your camera?
    All the best to you and Grant, and please hug Shadow and his brothers for me.
    Luv, K

  3. What a great idea and it looks like fun! Our best to the examinees.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  4. Hi Jo, It's so nice to get back to blogging. I have missed it... I'm feeling better ---much better, but was a sick little gal for awhile.

    Sounds like a great event for those kids... Education is important for them, isn't it? That is so neat...


  5. What fun and I am sure it has given the Class 8's a marvellous boost. Holding thumbs they all do themselves and their families proud!

  6. Wonderful school outing and motivation! Hope all is well in your world.

  7. That's so nice that you participate in local activities !
    We had troubles with the door lock today, but it's so funny that we always have to laugh. Of course I'll write about this too.

    PS your word verification word today for me was : VATICAN !!
    Thanks, lol !

  8. What a fun day for the kids. It's so nice of the company to have this special day of fun and games for the hard-working students. It was funny about the adults arguing about the way the game was going.

  9. May the Lord Bless the company for it's generosity and encouragement to those young people. You are making an eternal difference by modeling the Christ life before them. God Bless all.

  10. it was a wonderful to the look of things


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