Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ambrose learns to climb a tree

Although Ambrose was born in the bush and spent his first three months starving and trailing around outdoors, since he's been part of our household, he's been a house cat. Now is the time for him to explore the outdoors. The first thing he did when I took him outside, was to run up a franginpani tree!

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  1. Didn't take him long to figure that out!
    Tonight we watched a documentary about one of the pelicans rescued in Louisiana after the big oil spill last year. They followed it from its rescue to its return to the wild and, although he hesitated for a couple of minutes after release, he started to fly strongly, right over the water, to join a colony of other pelicans.
    It was wonderful. It's called Saving Pelican 895. We really enjoyed it.
    Give Ambrose a big hug from Auntie Kay for being such a smart boy.
    Luv, K

  2. heya ambrose what do you see???

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pets forever

  3. Oh, Ambrose is looking really good! I bet it was fun getting to climb a tree again!! Fun shot for the day, Jo! Hope you have a great week!


  4. He remembered how to climb a tree from far back in his kittyhood! It looks like he's surveying his domain.

  5. Ambrose, you clever, clever kitty! You're looking SO BEAUTIFUL. The picture of health!

  6. Ambrose is very brave! I think my Spunky Doodle would try climbing a tree too again if I let her out; however, I doubt if she could since she has been decalwed on her front paws. Sad, I know, but I think she forgave me and is satisfied to being an indoor only cat.

    Stopping by from Pet Pride:

  7. Doesn't it make your heart proud to see Ambrose now - after you took in that little stray and gave him food, grooming and loving! Congratulations on a job well-done.


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