Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Kenyan Patient

Before we left for Eldoret yesterday, I lined the travel cage with Grant's tee shirt which had a sprinkling of cat nip on it; Shawn the Sheep (it used to be Shadow's favourite toy in Khartoum), a grey toy mouse, a blue toy mouse and a fluffy ball with a bell inside to keep him company.

I placed Ambrose inside and locked the door. Of course, Mr Shadow had to come and inspect and gave Ambrose a high-five!

Ambrose getting used to his cage before the long bumpy trip up the mountain to Eldoret

It all went well at the vet, as is normal with Dr Shah and his wonderful team of assistants. At 11.30, I collected a very dopey little cat, who staggered around in the cage as we travelled down to the valley.

Once we got home, I removed him from the cage and put him in the guest room on a fluffy duvet on the floor.I placed a bowl of water nearby, closed the door and left him in peace. He gradually came out of the anaesthetic and by evening I tempted him with a plate of  Whiskas Tasty Treats. (Lamb nuggets in gravy) He licked the gravy and left the meat nuggets. We let him sit with us before dinner by the time we went to bed, he was resting peacefully on his normal "bed" (a diningroom chair, with the tablecloth draped around him)

Ambrose last night, looking very sorry for himself. Ginger is sitting behind him waiting for his cookies. Shadow was on the counter top behind me, watching the proceedings
 Ginger: What's that you're saying, Shadow?

Mmm, I agree, let's hope he stops his cheek now!

Re the post on Sunday of the cat with the orange eyes (Bionic Cat) yes Kay, it was Ambrose. He has grown so much and looks a lot like Ginger. Still want Ginger to admit to paternity but he won't budge, ha-ha. (Which Tom cat would?) But Ambrose is a paler shade of ginger, almost beige. Hopefully he'll gain a little weight now as he grows.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week.




  1. Looks like you took good care of the Kenyan patient. Lots of TLC for a while and he'll be good as new (or better).
    I'll have to be on the lookout to tell him from Ginger.
    — K

  2. So glad that Ambrose made it through with flying colours.

  3. Little Ambrose had the best care both pre and post-op, so he should bounce back in no time. This was another very sweet post, Jo. You have such a delightful way of telling and illustrating a story.

  4. "Mum, if you were a Buddhist, you would allow me to enjoy fatherhood once before you do the 'cut', love, Ambrose."

    When I was in Singapore, I was with the cats' cafe rescuing cats, we fed them and gave them the "cut". a Buddhist member of the group told us it was cruel not to let the cats enjoy parenthood. She said, just once, but the others didn't agree.

  5. I am happy to hear all went well with yoru sweet Ambrose. Have a great day!

  6. So glad things worked out well for him!! Poor thing!

  7. What a clever idea to line the cage with one of Grant's T-shirts and then sprinkle catnip on it--making the cage a cat's delight. Poor Ambrose--he does look very groggy. I'm glad the procedure went well.

  8. Arthur sends his greetings and "welcome to the Eunuch club" !

  9. was für supersüße Kätzchen, liebe Grüße Anja

  10. Hi, Ambrose. Glad your surgery went well! Now you can lie around and get fat and happy!

  11. So happy Ambrose's surgery went well - your blog is wonderful - I really enjoyed visiting...


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