Thursday, November 17, 2011

Suffer the little children...

A little princess
Purity shines out of this little girl's face
Attending pre-primary school, this little girl loves her dolly
Pat-a-cake-pat-a-cake-bakers-man (Isn't she sweet?)

Pure innocence as this little girl gazes longlingly at the goody-laden table. Under cover of the cake-cutting ceremony, I slipped her a cup cake!

Today I received an e-mail - one of those which do the rounds far too frequently. It showed a little girl of three years old,  beautifully dressed , smiling up at the camera. It told me her name and... that she'd gone missing. My heart goes cold when I see these reports. I look at that little face and think, are you already a statistic? Is your little body lying broken and abused in a desolate place?

Am I being cynical?  I think not. There are far too many children going missing and never being found alive again. I thought back to the past week where I've been involved almost back-to-back (yes, I'm at a school event again today, the year-end function) and I've seen children of all ages ranging from three-year-olds to pre-teens. And during these occasions, my heartfelt prayer has been for God's all-powerful protection to guard and keep these little ones innocent. And to protect them against abuse and neglect.

Children are a gift from God. They are a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3


  1. Oh what precious children ---and all dressed up... YES---we need to do all that we can to take care of the children around the world ---and protect them...

  2. I feel that way, too, Jo, about the missing, the neglected, and the abused.
    All too often, however, those e-mails are fake. I always check them out at and have seen some that have done the rounds of the internet for years.
    Bless you for caring so much, my dear friend.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. You are absolutely right, Jo and this is such a lovely post.

  4. What precious children and what a precious post. I too concern myself and pray when I hear of some child gone missing. This kind of news is on the television virtually every day here in North America. The little ones in your photos are blessed and they all look so well cared for. Praise God for that. Blessings my dear. xx

  5. I agree with Kay, these emails are invairably fake and designed to con and upset

  6. Oh, SO true!

  7. JO, it is sad to hear about children going missing. i can not imagine how their parents would feel. I would be just sick thinking about my child missing. They are all beautiful children and I pray for them all to be safe.

  8. Oh sweetie, this Ozark Farm Chick just popped over from your amazin' interview and my heart is broken.

    My heart is with children. I am a retired educator, a Sunday~School teacher and a Kid's Church leader. To hear of this truly tugs at my heartstrings 'cause children are truly a gift from God.

    God bless you and the children from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

  9. This is a beautiful, poignant post, Jo. Yes, little children are precious to the Lord and should be to all people. But the terrible scourge of child sex-trafficking seems to be growing world-wide. We as Christians should do all we can to protect these precious little ones. The children in your photos look so sweet and innocent---lovely, Jo.


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