Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trip to Eldoret Vet

As my regular readers know, whenever we go up the mountain to Eldoret, it's quite an adventure.  Tuesday, when Zephania, our driver, Ambrose and I went to town, was no exeption.

Near the top of the mountain, a motorbike came down in the opposite direction. As usual, he was free-wheeling. And would stay in this mode right down the mountain a whole 24 kms of twisting and steep winding road, he has no motor running. Just free wheels. Phew!
Motor cyclist free-wheeling down the twisty, bendy mountain road! We stopped and I got out to take the photo, but he whooshed past so fast that I missed the shot until I focussed and got this one of him!

In town, while Ambrose was at the vet, Zephania and I popped into town to the supermarket. Outside was a Sony promotion, the loudspeakers were modern and very, very loud with dancers (first there were two young girls) gyrating to the music.

These two young men danced like this for ten minutes!

Zephania helps the vendor to load potatoes into a plastic carrier bag

On the way home, Zephania stopped at a "shopping complex"  next to the road. I wanted potatoes and knew that these ladies would sell me lovely ones at a good price. The plastic tubs contain 20kg of potatoes for which I paid KES300/US$3.91! These women plant the vegetables in their shambas (farms), tend their crops, harvest them (digging up these potatoes virtually by hand or with worn garden tools) and loading them into sacks. They then carry these heavy sacks on their backs (a sight you see regularly is women bent under huge loads of wood, multiple canisters of water or sacks of vegetables) walking along the road. If she has a man or young boy walking with her, he does just that; walks with her!   

So it seems sacrilege to sell this hard-won produce for such a ridiculously low price, but that's what the locals can afford and that's what she charged me.  

As we turned our vehicle around, I spotted this hotel in the village
 Small town, down town hotel!

And soon we left the tar and meandered down the mountain road. With every bump, poor little Ambrose had come to and was staggering around in his cage on the back seat. All I could do, was check that he didn't wedge himself in between the plastic water trough and the side of the cage.

Not long and Zephania pointed excitedly at a clump of large trees lining the road. There were Blue Monkeys and there were Black and White Colobus Monkeys. Zephania stopped the car; I got out and managed to get quite a few very nice photos of both kinds of monkeys. Three cows were grazing at the edge of the road and one was actually breathing down my neck as I focussed on the monkeys. I swung round and said: Boo! while getting a lovely shot of the cow! The other two walked back towards the car and sniffed at the bodywork.
The top two photos are Blue Monkeys, the middle four are Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys and the bottom two photos are of the common ole cow!

To all my friends and my sister, Rose,  in the Northern Hemisphere, who're facing winter, wrap up warmly and hug yourself from me!




  1. It does seem like a terrible amount of work, planting and digging and carrying those potatoes, for such a small amount of money. I understand it is all the locals can afford, but I would be tempted to pay more because we certainly pay a lot more here.
    Unbelievable about the motorcycle freewheeling all the way down, but I'm sure it saves on gas.
    The monkeys are super, Jo, and the cows afraid of nothing! LOL
    I sure hope Ambrose doesn't thoroughly dislike you after his experience with the vet and the car.
    Yes, it is getting cold here. The temperatures drop below freezing at night, and aren't much warmer during the day. The leaves are still dropping off the trees, despite the wind.
    Take care.
    Luv, K

  2. I always love the sights of the cities and the highways and byways in Kenya. It is true the women work so hard to make a living. God bless them and help them. I enjoyed seeing the "hotel". It never ceases to amaze me the number of them and the unique names they have.

  3. Thanks for letting me ride along with you to Eldoret! I always love seeing the monkeys, especially the Colobus. It is an adventure to make that trip to town and back. AND I LOVED the picture of the Small Town Hotel! I have some hilarious memories of staying in such places!!! I must also say that you are becoming quite good with that camera!

  4. Every trip to town is exciting for you and your camera and us too. The 'shopping complex' and 'hotel' are an amazing sight for a city dweller. I love the black and white monkeys. They look like they have put on their best clothes for your camera.

  5. Good Morning, Jo! You do have exciting trips into town. The monkeys are beautiful. Looks like an obstacle course with the cows in the road. I enjoyed this trip into town with you. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

  6. What a trip! I can't believe the cost of the potatoes...less than ten cents a pound. What a bargain :)

  7. Thank you for sharing these fascinating sights from your trip to town. The women must be very strong to do farm work by hand and carry those heavy loads!

  8. Hey Jo, I know about free wheeling. Hehehe, back home in the Philippines, when I was younger, I had a little Honda motorcycle, and it was quite an experience. I could picture those farmers carrying their produce in their backs to bring and sell on market days.

    Thanks for the ride, and I love those monkeys!

  9. I love these trips with you!


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