Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kenya Fluorspar School Prayer Day

On Friday 28 October it was schools prayer day all over Kenya something  I've never heard ofin my own country, South Africa. Grant and I were invited along with all the other management team from the company. Grant and I reveived individual invitations and when we arrived at the gate, we were all given a rosette with "Guest" on it.

Again, this special day is held for the Class 8's (Std 8's) and they're motivated, they receive gifts from the company and of course, they're prayed for.

Even though this is Africa and works on Africa time, we didn't have long to wait before the proceedings got under way. While we waited, Sue took photos of me and Sharda with different facial poses.

The local church minister, Pastor Gideon opened the day with a prayer.

The scouts started off the day with a beautifully executed parade.
Then the Class 8's performed a poem as a thank you for the MD and the company.

Poetry in motion

The speeches were delivered well and to the point.

Caroline, Head Teacher (Headmistress) of the school

Head girl, Deborah Awino

Charles, company Human Resources official and member of the Board of Governors at the school
The MD. The company supports several other schools in the valley too.

And Guest Speaker, John Tirop, Principal of Kipkeino School, Eldoret. What a charasmatic man and what a powerful message he delivered, especially to the Class 8's

Then it was gift time. Each of the 20 Class 8's was given a back - pack, a leaner board, a pen and pencil set and a calculator.

Note how the African shakes hands. He/she places the left hand onto the elbow of the right hand. This is to show that he/she has nothing hidden in the hand not being shaken and therefore poses no threat to the other person! 

We sang hymns together and then it was time to form a semi-circle behind the Class 8's and pray for them. This was a very moving part of the day for me

The candidates' parents and siblings were invited  to the prayer day. When the proceedings were over, we all repaired to a large hall for lunch which had been prepared by company chef, Wheatcliffe. By the time we went to lunch, the group of parents had trebled from 10am from the start of the prayer day. The company always makes allowance for this: not everyday you have a slap-up meal and a choice of sodas in the valley!

After lunch, Sue took me to the computer room to see the new touch screen Smart boards that the company had bought for the school. When a board member, visiting the mine with the owner last week , saw these, he said that they didn't have them in their Canadian schools yet!

IT lady Antonina gives me a demonstration

On the way home, we came across these two children with their aunt. The little boy in the middle is the same one I posted about in my Sunday post as the Future Faces of Kenya. We just loved the hands-on-the-hip stance!

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  1. Oh how absolutely awesome, Jo... I love it... I'm so impressed with what they are doing for the children in Kenya... They actually have a chance for a real education... That is so wonderful.. I know you were pleased to be there.

    God Bless All of the children, teachers, leaders and people in Kenya --and God Bless You, Jo.

  2. What a moving day of ceremony for these students and adults who support them. I just love the fact that they still pray in the schools. That hasn't been allowed here for so many years though when I was a young child, the teacher still read several chapters of the bible every morning before lessons and we all said the Lord's Prayer. That all stopped when there became many different nationalities with different religious beliefs, and sometimes no belief at all, to cater to. My best wishes go out to all the Class 8 students.

  3. Oh yes, I recognize the cute little fellow posing for you. He's a real character.
    It sounds as if the Prayer Day at the school went very well. I'm still surprised to see the girls with no hair, but I'm sure there are very good reasons for that.
    What is a leaner board? Does it provide back support when sitting on a bench?
    I hope you are thoroughly recovered from the malaria. Certainly gave me a scare.
    Hi to Grant, and hugs to the cats.
    Luv, K

  4. Nice gathering with all the students. Glad that the mine helps out local schools.

  5. Innocent children. Also loved the pic of Wild Dagga. Beautiful.
    C xx

  6. what a great day with the children. I love their traditional school uniforms vintage style. So cute and they look gorgeous in them.


  7. What a wonderful post for the day, Jo! Very inspiring to read about this program and the children are so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! Hope you have a great week!


  8. How very nice ! You can see that these kids love school ! You look very nice on the pictures !

  9. Jo...Having started teaching at 20 and still going at 72, this was a very meaningful post for me. I read every single word of it and thoroughly enjoyed your pictures. What a wonderful day. Loved the uniforms and the expressions on the children’s faces. The handshake, too, was so interesting. LIke I have said before, I am learning so much since joined the photo blogging world. It has been and continues to be a grand experience for me. genie

  10. This is fantastic, amazing, beautiful--a day set aside for prayer for the children and celebrating their accomplishments. I was so touched to read about this Prayer Day. It was interesting to see and read about the African handshake...I hadn't heard of that before. The smart boards are incredible! Our local schools just got them a year or two ago. What a great gift from the company!

  11. A meaningful gathering for the children.Good to know that your hubby's company is supporting the schools in Kenya.

    It was nice to see the African handshake.Haven't heard about it or even noticed it with our Kenyan colleagues here in the hospital.


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