Friday, February 22, 2013

Blue Skies and Striking Birds

Do I hear groans of despair? A THIRD post about birds in Tanzania. Sorry folks, but this bird was so beautiful against the Tanzanian sky I need to post it on my Skywatch Friday meme.

The common, but strikingly beautiful Black-Shouldered Kite against a clear blue sky

Black-shouldered Kite as captured on the mine on Monday evening

As this post is aired, we'll be driving to Mwanza, on the first leg of our journey to South Africa. We board the 8.30 flight to Dar Es Salaam and should be settled into our hotel on the Indian Ocean before midday today. 

Thereafter I hope to find a pair of high-heeled sandals in the shopping complex near the hotel. (I haven't told Grant this yet, as in my experience, men tend to roll their eyes when you mention shopping for clothes or shoes!) Then we'll pop into the well-stocked supermarket, also near the hotel and buy a couple of dozen tins of cat food. The shop manager stores these for us; on our return from SA we'll collect the carton and bring it back to Mwadui for the three lads. 

At 6am Saturday, we board the South African flight to Johannesburg. We touch down in SA at 10.15 and if customs isn't too busy (it normally is over weekends), we should connect with and board our Bloemfontein flight by 11.35. We arrive in Bloem at 12.30 where we'll be met by Angus, Amanda and our two Marquard grandchildren, Joel and Abby. 

Then it's an hour-and-a-half road trip from the city to our town, Marquard. Finally after two days of traveling we'll be back home. 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead. 

For more beautiful sky shots, please click here  


  1. I never get tired of your birds. They are so different from ours. LOVE seeing them.

    Have a safe trip. I know you are anxious to see the kids and grandkids... Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Such a beautiful bird and such wonderful blue, blue skies for a backdrop!! Terrific captures for the day, Jo!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. What a handsome bird. Those claws and talons seem quite large compared to the rest of its body.

  4. Beautiful!
    I'm never tired of birds!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. That is a very striking bird. It looks like it has eyeliner on. Its eyes really stand out against the snow white feathers.

    You are fortunate to be able to visit your children and grands so often!


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