Friday, February 22, 2013

In Transit from East to South Africa

Our trusty driver, Mohamed met us at the airport and soon

we were on our way through the traffic
We're in Dar Es Salaam; we arrived on time after a pleasant flight from Mwanza. The traffic was bearable and we'd soon booked into our normal hotel, The Seacliff.

Always elegant, always welcoming: The Seacliff, Dar Es Salaam

The porter led us to our room on the second floor and as he opened the door, I was greeted by the largest bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums and fine greenery that I'd ever seen. Grant had organized for the hotel to have this ready for me to celebrate my 60th birthday and our upcoming 41st wedding anniversary!
 A gorgeous bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums and greenery
I felt thoroughly spoil

And as if that wasn't even, once again, we have a sea facing room as well. 

 Overlooking the hotel pool and the Indian Ocean beyond

 Isn't this just too glorious?

The next time I log on, we will be, God willing, safely back home in South Africa. I wish you all a wonderfully, warm and happy weekend. 


  1. Glad you are now half way through your journey. The scene is magnificent and the flowers are spectacular. What a wonderful surprise for your birthday and anniversary!

  2. Beautiful photos and a gorgeous place. Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip.

  3. Wow that was a beautiful surprise ! What a bouquet ! The hotel seems to be very nice ! While I am writing this you probably arrived home, hopefully without any problems !

  4. JO, I am sure I wish you a happy birthday and know I want to wish you and your dear hubby a happy anniversary! Love the beautiful bouquet! The view from your hotel is gorgeous. I hope you have arrived safe and sound! Have a great time!

  5. What a special place for two glorious milestones--your 60th b'day and your 41st wedding anniversary! The Seacliff is a gorgeous, elegant hotel! You and Grant are so blessed. Congratulations on your 60th and your 41st milestones!

  6. Looks interesting. I've never thought of visiting Dar Es Salaam, but if there is a hotel like that there must be something to see. Looks windy though.

  7. You two sure know how to do things up right! What a beautiful place.


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