Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend in Mwadui

This weekend was the same as most in Mwadui with a couple of highlights. 

Although we saw a number of birds on the three trips into the mine, I'll only post about one here below. The Dabchick! I've been waiting to see the bird on its nest and yesterday I got the chance! I was thrilled to get quite close for the photos below.

Dabchick on its nest 

 A really close-up of the Dabchick on its nest

We did quite a lot this weekend: we had a braai/BBQ here at home on Friday night; I had a lovely L O N G and relaxing pottery class with Amanda on Saturday morning (more about that in tomorrow's post); Grant and I went birding in the afternoon and managed to spot a few birds although it was very hot, and we visited the club on Saturday night. 

Sunday, as always I made pudding for the Guest House lunch and went in just before the meal to photograph the three chefs in their chef-suits. It's time to choose the Employee of the Month again (none of the chefs are "it" this month!) so I needed a photo of Amani who is a chef now and our new cooka, Michael. (James is no longer able to work as a chef due to health issues) 

On Sunday afternoon Grant and I drove out to the larger dam on the outskirts of the mine and town. There we met Wessel (remember my IT fundi?) and family. In January Wessel returned to Mwadui with his wife, Louise and ten-year-old son Wessel. While Grant watched Wessel and Wessel catching fish from the banks of the dam, I wandered to the other side of the dam to photograph a few waterbirds. More about these on Wednesday's post.
  Wessel, Wessel and Louise (she's in the tree) enjoying the afternoon at the dam

This week is quite a full one for me. Apart from arranging Guest House menus and stock for the chefs to get on with while I'm on leave, I have a big birthday coming up. I'm having a ladies' tea at the Client Guest House on Wednesday. We're all looking forward to getting together for the morning. 

I wish you all a lovely week ahead.  


  1. That's a beautiful close-up of the Dabchick on its nest, Jo. What an interesting nest it has!

  2. That is quite a masterpiece of a nest. You are very busy at the moment, me too. Happy Birthday for when it arrives in case I miss the post. Hope you have a great time.

  3. Happiness is spending the weekend with family or friends and not sitting bored at home

  4. Love the cute Dabchick and its nest. Is it your birthday coming. I am wishing you an early happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! Loved your post and photos!


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