Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pottery classes in Mwadui continued

I don't normally go anywhere on a Monday. I try to stay at home and do a few household chores (like tidying the terribly messy cupboard in the dining room!) and  catch up on blogging. However, yesterday Amanda sent me a CHAT saying she had to go to Shinyanga, would I like to go along. I jumped at the chance as I'd been waiting in the wings until Grant has a vehicle available to take me to town to buy provisions for my upcoming birthday party!

We did all we needed to in town and just before lunch Amanda's driver dropped me at home. We arranged for her to collect me after lunch as we were going to do a spot of "social networking"! 

We stopped at the private Mwadui School where I invited Margaret, the Headmistress to tea on Wednesday. Then we stopped at a large shop in the Western Township to invite Gertrude, the proprietress to my party but her premises were shut up tight. (Business hours in Mwadui are not at all rigid!) Amanda later sent her a text inviting her on my behalf. 

We stopped at the hospital where, at first we handed out lollypops and handmade toys to a group of children sitting in the ground outside waiting to see the doctor. Afterwards we visited the matron in her office and invited her to my party. Lastly, we popped into the admin offices and invited Elana (a South African consultant here for six weeks) to join me for my birthday.

Back in Amanda's camp, we stopped off at Louise' house to invite her to my birthday tea. Finally we popped in to Tilla for tea, sorely needed after all our strenuous networking.  Tilla offered to bake me a birthday cake which I was thrilled about as she's a renowned baker!

Meanwhile today we're continuing with our pottery classes just to keep everything on an even keel! On Saturday I painted my items and await the removal from the oven,  of the fired goods which we'd completed last week.  
 The  platter with bright lemons was a delight to paint. The beaker/jug  which I showed in its beginning stages two weeks ago. I'm  especially thrilled with the jug; it looks as if it would suit the "very crooked man who lived in a very crooked house!"

The platter, the jug and two spoon rests. 

 And a dish which could perhaps pass for a water bowl for the birds visiting my garden? LOL! 

I have two smaller bowls, (not pictured) suitable for snacks or cat pellets! 

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  1. Dear Jo, I'm glad you are learning to make pottery from Amanda and that it gives you so much joy! Have a wonderful week. xx

  2. That looks like so much fun! Great job on the pottery!

  3. There are so many worthwhile hobbies and the more one wants to do the less time you have. I recently took up Geocaching.

  4. I thought you were going to be in SA for your b/day. However, it sounds like a good time is in store for you.
    Pottery is a fun hobby/ I like your platter. It will come in handy at the party.

  5. What fun making the pottery. I love the blues and yellows together. Thanks for sharing, Jo! Have a great day!

  6. Nice! Blue and yellow are so pretty together.

  7. I always wanted to learn this too. Good for you! I love your choice of blue and yellow!
    Happy day!

  8. Wow ! your pottery came out very nice ! It's beautiful ! and for a beginner ! See you are talented ! It seems you had quiet a social life and now a forthcoming birthday party, I read in your previous post that it will take place tomorrow ! Wished I could be there ! When was your birthday or is it still to come, I am so forgetful for the moment. In any case a very happy birthday party and have a lot of fun !

  9. Nice Work Jo! Hope I don't miss your birthday party!!


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