Sunday, February 10, 2013


Dear Bozo and everyone reading this blog. This is Ginger posting again this week. Strange things have been happening in the shamba behind our house. Edward Askari and Mataluma have been working with wires and pipes, lining the insides of the reed fence. Mmm.

Great activity in our shamba

I wonder what these strange poles and wires are

Before long, we went outdoors with our yoomens. I stayed in the flowerbed near the kitchen door, while Shadow prowled the shamba All cats are curious, many cats are nervous, but there is only one cat who is suspicious about every strange thing in his territory. That cat is Shadow!
Shadow creeping towards the new kitty-high fence

Oi Shadow, what do you see?

Does it smell, Shadow? Perhaps it' s the dog? 

Mmm, Shadow is calmly surveying the scene now...

OK, so now he's rolling around near the wire

Uh-oh. There's Ambrose and he is SO inexperienced!

Yeow! That monster bit Ambrose!

As the monster "zapped" Ambrose, our  yoomens cheered, saying "the thing is working".  Even though Ambrose' head is cut in the picture below,  you can see the shock by the way his tail has bushed...

Ambrose' bushy tail after the monster bit him!

In our household of cats, when something happens to one of us, the others react in sympathy. Shadow also bushed his tail and froze in his paw prints!
Shadow frozen in his paw prints and he has a bushy tail!

Ambrose retreated to a safe distance while watching the monster that bit him!

Later I heard the yoomens saying that at least we cats wouldn't be tempted to jump over the reed fence now as happened again this week, when Shadow went over and the yoomens had to dash outside and shoo him back! Now we'd not get into danger landing int he big garden where two big dogs live. 

I realize now that they brought in the monster for our own good. But I still cannot work out why they chuckle merrily when they look at Ambrose and call him Sparky. Yoomens! I wonder if we intelligent felines will ever understand them.

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  1. That's for your safety, what a good idea, now you can go out alone without your humans !

  2. Your humans are showing how much they love you and want you to hang around safely!

  3. It is good for all the kitties to be safe and stay close to home. Cute kitty photos.

  4. Now you are safe and sound thanks to your yoomens!

  5. Good detective work. Do not try too hard to understand the humans, they are not always logical like cats. :)

  6. Aw, poor Ambrose. But now he knows not to go there. You will all be so much safer now.

  7. Yeah, just go along with them -- our humans get kind of carried away trying to make sure we're safe!! But they LOVE you!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  8. They learn quickly to stay away from that fence! Now the yoomans must be careful not to accidentally bump into that fence monster.


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