Monday, February 4, 2013

Like father, like son!

Several years ago Grant saw a Wolf-man suit in a novelty shop window. He walked in and bought it. The first time he donned it at home and walked out onto the patio, both my gardeners ran for the hills! 

At the time, Grant used to take our oldest granddaughter, Eryn (who lived around the corner from us with her mom) to pre-primary school on one of our two motorcycles. In the evening he'd say: "Eryn, which bike would you like Granddad to fetch you on tomorrow?" The cutest little three-year-old at the time, she'd lean her chin on her little fist and say: "Mmm, I think I'll have the Harley." or "Granddad, can we go to school on the GS tomorrow?"

One day he and I told we'd fetch her on the Harley but Granddad would be wearing a funny suit that looks like a large dog. She was quite happy and we loaded her in between me and Grant and rode off down the main street of Marquard. The domestics and gardeners were walking up the street on their way to work. Every one of them stopped dead in their tracks and stared at this apparition riding the sitoot-toot (Sesotho for motorbike)They couldn't believe their eyes!

At school the headmistress (who knew we were arriving in this strange mode) told the children to gather on the lawn in front of the building. She said they had to be quiet and wait for a big friendly wolf who was arriving on a Harley. When we rode into the school garden, Grant dropped me and Eryn off and then he made a few turns on the grass, hooting and waving to the children. The children and teachers clapped and cheered excitedly! He stopped the bike, dismounted and walked around talking to the children. They, in turn, reached out to feel his fur or to grab his hands, giggling all the while

Since then, the Wolf-man suit has been used on many occasions: on the morning of Angus' wedding to Amanda, we had all our family staying over at our house. Grant came out of the house dressed in the "suit" to the great enjoyment of our elderly aunts, mother-in-law and friends. He has worn the suit and danced a jig as an "ice-breaker" in one of our church cell meetings. The high school borrowed the suit a couple of months later to use in a "Ghost Tunnel" in a fundraising event. Even later still, one of the other churches borrowed the suit to use in a concert.

On Friday past, Angus borrowed the Wolf-man suit to wear to a fancy dress party at his company's team-building function. He told me via CHAT (when he sent the photos) that many people were in fancy dress, but he thinks his was the weirdest! 

Grant in the Wolf-man suit

Angus' wedding day; here he poses with the Wolf-man! 

Angus this weekend in the Wolf-man suit

Entertaining the crowds! 

Angus is tall and slim like his dad so the Wolf-man suit fits perfectly

Here's to a wonderful week ahead.


  1. What a fun suit! Grant and Angus totally look like they are having fun and they are bringing fun to everyone around. That light over top Angus' head really gives the wolfman suit an extra "edge". It also looks like the light from a full moon. Wonderful!

  2. looks like you all are having fun!

  3. Oh, how funny! And what a delightful way to end my day!! Love the photos and your "wolf men"!! Thanks for the giggles, Jo!!

  4. I want a suit like that as well. Awesome!!!

  5. Hahahahaaa....I can just SEE the guys on the road!!
    This is Great!

  6. How cool, I love the wolf suit. I can imagine how many heads were turning there. Wonderful photos, Jo!

  7. OMG ! I would have run away too, hahaha!


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