Sunday, February 17, 2013

Busy times...

Hi Bozo and all who read this blog. I, Ambrose, have managed a turn at our yoomen's laptop and decided to post about this week's busy times. Our mum has been working in her kitchen baking (nothing WE can eat) and then she dashes outdoors for ages and returns with boxes and parcels of food (again nothing we eat!) and prepares some more!

There was great excitement about birthdays (what's a birthday, I wonder?)  and blogging about it; even going onto Facebook and telling the world about these birthdays. *Sigh*

Not that we suffered in any way. We still get our yummy Seafood Platter in Tuna Jelly for breakfast. We have kibbles and dried fish set out in our three separate bowls so that we can nibble whenever we feel peckish. We also go out during the day with our mum (when she's not involved with birthdays!) and every evening with our mum, dad and Marnitz, who's a type of yoomen uncle to us!

It's just that when they returned from ANOTHER birthday last night, I heard our mum say: " Thank goodness our birthdays are over for another year. " So things should be back to normal again from now on.

Meanwhile Uncle Ginger and I spend our days in our indoor tree houses while Shadow lies on mum's bed.

I, Ambrose like the top house while Ginger sleeps in the middle house

A complete view of the indoor tree which we love

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  1. You are so lucky having an indoor tree house! That's a great idea! And it looks so good! Great photos!

  2. Birthdays are fun! Love the tree house for the kitties! Very nice! Jo, have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. I do love your house on the top, Ambrose!! Bet you're glad to have things settling down in your house!!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  4. What a magnificent tree house for the kitties!

  5. I can imagine that you are fed up with all these birthday celebrations ! But at least your mom had fun !
    Your tree is absolutely great ! Far better then the once you find in pet shops ! Your Dad is an artist !

  6. Oh cool, I love their indoor tree!

  7. It sounds like your Mama has been really busy. Too bad you couldn't sample any of the treats she made. We love your tree house. We are going to show it to our Dad and see if he will make one for us.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew


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