Thursday, January 1, 2015

Good Fences, Good Gardening

Although it seems rather optimistic to plant shrubs and trees with five boisterous pups in the garden, Michael and I made short work of the plants we bought in Shinyanga on Friday.
Michael removes a glossy-leafed shrub from its container in readiness to be planted out into the garden

Colonel nervously approaches  Michael 
While his siblings loll on the grass

Everyone is safe and secure in our garden which is surrounded by a reed fence.

While over the road at the Guest House the welder is busy adding a long pipe to the motor gate. This is to prevent Mvulana and Bibi from escaping into the street,  once they're resident Askari dogs in the Guest House garden.
I loved the way Joshua and Sechamenya were focused on something on the cell phone while keeping the pipe firm for the welder to work on.

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  1. i like how you're working to keep the pups secure. :) happy new year, jo!

  2. That looks a good fence for keeping puppies in and unwanted guests out.

  3. Happy New Year dear Jo! Everything is so lush and green where you are right now. I'm envious :-)

    I was just enjoying clicking on and enlarging your photos in the last few posts. Now I see you've reduced them again as they don't get any larger :-(

    Enjoy your picture taking. God grant you & your family & loved ones much peace, happiness and joy in 2015. xx

  4. Hope the plant will grow with all these little (or not so little) dogs around !

  5. Hi Jo. Well it will be interesting to see how long those plants last with the pups in the garden. Good job they are making of the fences. Happy New Year to you and Grant.

  6. I am sure the pups are happy to be free to run in the yard and still be secure with the fence.. They are so cute! Happy New Year, Jo!

  7. I was smiling at the pups in the pics and then got to the cell phone photo and laughed out loud. i had no idea the cell phone craze is there to... everyone on the planet but me must have a cell phone...

  8. The pups look happy in the big garden. Happy New Year!

  9. The pups are looking really lanky.


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