Friday, January 16, 2015

Sweets for the children

With the rush of functions and parties leading up to Christmas, I've only now managed to upload photos of little street party we held in Mwadui. 

Marita and the rest of us ladies bought toffees, boiled sweets, lollipops. Marita also arranged for someone from the company to have 300 bags of popcorn popped in Shinyanga and brought to Mwadui. 

On Wednesday 17th December at 10 am, we drove up to the Western Township; one of the densely populated suburbs of town. Marita had the PR officer, Joseph and Yasini, the company handyman, in tow. She'd arranged for Yasini, a company handyman, to hang three swings while we were handing out treats to the 300 eager children. (It was Amanda's idea to give these children somewhere to play - a slide and see-saw will follow - and she suggested round wooden boards, hung from strong branches with thick nylon rope) 
Louise, a teacher by profession, and whose sandalled toe is in the left hand corner of the photo, marshaled the children into orderly lines 
Great Expectations! 
Louise' 80 year-old mother-in-law and daughter, Henricke pose with the children
Meanwhile Yasini got to work hanging the swings 
As always, the Tanzanians are willing to help with any project
As soon as the first swing was ready, I hopped on and Joseph gave me a push! 
Ever organized and kind-hearted Louise pushed the children until her arms were lame!

At sometime after midday, we said goodbye to the crowd of children, most of whom were waiting their next turn on one of the three swings. 

Here's wishing you all a Happy Friday.


  1. Those children are well behaved, I can tell. I had lunch lady duty today, and they were LOUD.

  2. It sounds like all the ladies of the camp and the Tanzanian workers are all so organized and ready to do good works. I'm sure the children and their parents appreciated the party!

  3. It's great how the company and you ladies help in the community. Swings look like fun.

  4. What fun for those lovely kids. It is a wonderful to see the delight these children enjoy from a swing and a few sweets as compared to childen in the western affluent world who are not happy unless they have the latest technological toy and a stack of Fast food.

  5. What a wonderful time the ladies gave these children.

  6. Don't you just love doing feel good things like this

  7. That must have been a lot of fun ! I like your picture on the swing !

  8. what a wonderful gift for them that will last (hopefully) long after the treats are gone! how i wish i could afford the shipping to send supplies and balls and crayons and paper and...

  9. i bet the swings were the biggest hit of all, along with the sweets of course. what are boiled sweets?


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