Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My world in Tanzania

Last week at 6.30 pm I looked out of the kitties' veranda and called goodnight to askari Michael. he was going home after an eleven hour day. Just then askari Zechariah approached the gauze and greeted me. He asked how my day had been and then he wished me a good night. 

Later while I was making dinner, I heard the screeching call of the Barn Owl outside. I dashed outdoors with the large flashlight in my hand and my camera around my neck. (I've been known to burn the dinner like this before!)  Zechariah came and asked me if there was a problem. I said no, I'd just heard the bundi/owl calling and wanted to photograph it. However, the owl didn't call again. I came indoors and continued with the dinner.

As we sat down to eat, I heard a call at the window: "Bibi, bundi hapa/owl is here!" Excusing myself from the table (and Grant didn't mind - he loves to know there are owls in our garden too) I grabbed the flashlight again, put my camera around my neck and crept out of the front door. 

Zecahariah was waiting and I handed him the flashlight. We walked carefully around the side of the house where he'd seen the owl fly into a tree. We checked with the flashlight. But the owl had flown off again. 
Zechariah flashes into the tree the owl had flown into a short while before

One wonders if there are many 60-something vintage ladies who wander around in the dark looking for owls with their own light bearer in the form of a friendly askari? 

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Here's wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. i think you've got the market cornered on assistants, but i've been known to wander about in the dark around here. :)

  2. HI Jo Think you might be unique in this matter but you must keep trying as I would like to see it! After all you are equipped with good camera, Owl hooting, flash light and a askari to assist you! Well what could go wrong!!!

  3. Jo, I'd say you are one lucky lady... I would like my own owl spotter...I hope the owl returns, they have a strange call don't they?
    Have a happy day!

  4. i love it... my hubby is my flashlight holder... sometimes we are out at 4 am with the flashlight shining on night blooms.. sometime when you have time, how about a post on the duties of askaris...

  5. What a nice story! I hope you'll get that foto one evening!

  6. Love your header, Jo... Beautiful... I'd love to see an owl sometime!!!!!


  7. You are lucky to have the askaris who know how much you love the birds.


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