Monday, January 19, 2015

Princess' Pups Four months old!

While on e-mail to fellow-blogger, Sandra yesterday I realized that the pups had a birthday this weekend; and I'd forgotten! They were four months old on Saturday 17 January. 

Ironically, one of the pups should have gone to a new owner on that day. Grant's HR manager, Ariel asked if he could have a pup. He'd told Grant that he'd fenced his yard and would love a pup. He was due to come and see me that morning. At 3.30 pm (this is Africa!) Ariel phoned Grant and said he was at the office; could he come and collect his pup? Grant said he'd fetch him and bring him back here to talk to me. 

Meanwhile Michael called the pups into the enclosure for their afternoon meal. I took photos and between us, Michael and I said our goodbyes to Colonel. This was the pup left over and which Ariel would get if he passed muster. 
Pups having their afternoon meal

Colonel is the pup eating at the middle dish

Forty-five minutes later Grant drove into the yard: no Ariel. He says when he arrived at the office, there was no sign of Ariel. He phoned him but got no reply. Then the office building askari told Grant that Ariel had gone to the nearby town of Shinyanga with Albert, the security supervisor,  a few minutes before. 

For me, that did it! 

I told Michael to let the pups out of the enclosure . As Colonel ran onto the lawn, I bent down and hugged him; I said: you're going nowhere, my little lad.  Later that evening at the club, Johan said that Colonel had been lying in the doorway of his cottage all afternoon. 

I've made my decision: Colonel stays. (Thanks Sandra, for your vote too!) 

Now that the weather is a little drier, Michael and I will take Bibi and Mvulano over to the Guest House again to get used to their new home. Nordeen, who is taking the last two girl pups, Mischana Mbili/Girl Two and Mischana Neusi/ Girl Black  is waiting for the company carpenter to build him doghouse so that his pups are protected during rainy season.

So yes, for now, all the pups are still with us! 

Regarding the video I put up of the pups on yesterday's post. Somehow I didn't make it public and I've had to re-load it onto YouTube. I hope to post it soon. 

You all have a really wonderful Monday.


  1. That was very irresponsible of Ariel, not the way to start off with a new family member. So you'll be able to enjoy more dogs now.

  2. You old softy but I understand you wanting good homes for them after all the work you have put into them.

  3. Like Tex says, a good decision you have made.

  4. The least he could have done was call or leave a message. Not very responsible.

  5. Jo, I think you made the right decision! I am glad the pups are still together.. Cute photos.. Have a happy day!

  6. can't wait for the reloaded vid.. i was without internet for 8 hours today, running way way behind. i agree with all your decisions, you are one smart lady


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