Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hedges East African Grands

Yesterday morning I sent John a birthday message on Skype. A few hours later I received a Skype call from Debbie's address. When I answered, I heard Debbie's voice but saw the children seated in front of the laptop which was obviously on the floor. 

Elijah licking a wooden spoon (his sister, Eryn had baked a cake for her dad), Bethany in the middle and Eryn leaning over her
Not to be left out, Israel (on the right) shouted: Hallo Granddad! (Grant was at work, but hey-ho) and Baby Kerren staring at the image of her Grant pointing a camera (see bottom right) 
Israel (a mini-John) with Elijah in the background and Joshua barely visible behind Israel

After living in the Drakensberg, South Africa for a year, while John worked in Mozambique, Debbie and the children have joined him again. She says it's super to be a complete family again. Joshua told me that although it's been raining a lot this week, the sun comes out almost immediately afterwards, and they can go outside to play. Every child's dream world! 

While I chatted to Bethany, who told me that she can jump into the big swimming pool, and go under water until she touches the floor, Eryn disappeared into the garden. She returned with a tiny chameleon on her finger. She said there were about thirty small chameleon's all over the lawn. 

Then Joshua appeared on the screen and told me that he and Eryn were able to swim underwater in the deep end of the swimming pool. Eryn popped her head onto the screen and said, they didn't stay in the middle; rather they swam to the side of the pool and held on there for safety! 

What a lovely chat I had with my Mozambique grandchildren! 

Yesterday Michael and I carried Bibi and Mvulana over to the Guest House. They were both showed nervousness and shivered in our arms.  We placed a dish of food on the ground near Edward's askari hut; all their fear fled - they immediately started to eat. 
Mvulana looks as though he could swallow the whole dish ! 

Michael watches the pups tucking in

Alphas Moto carries Mvulana back to our house, while Michael with Bibi in his arms, tries to tempt her to lick the dish! 
Mataluma opens the gate to allow us to enter with the pups
The other pups and the adult dogs were waiting expectantly for their dinner! 

And would you believe it? Bibi and Mvulana were in the queue when Michael put the dishes of food down. 

This morning I have the vet and his assistant here again. He's come to sterilize three cats belonging to a young couple from the Client Camp. As always Michael, Regina and I have set up an operating theater in Grant's large bathroom. The vet has promised to be here at 9 am and all things being equal the kitties' ops should be over and they on the recovery by midday today. I pray all goes as well as it did when this vet operated on Princess and Nando about a month ago. 

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  1. i have no doubt those two pups would eat as often as food was offered. they're very well behaved - all the dogs are. :) i hope the cats' surgeries go well!

  2. No wonder they are so big getting double portions. ;)

  3. HI Jo Hope all goes well with the operations. Isn't SKYPE wonderful to keep in touch with our family and far off friends. The pups on the video are looking lovely and seem a bit calmer now and more grown up. Have a great day. I am off to play badminton

  4. Hello Jo, oh those pups can eat! Your grandchildren are so cute! I hope all goes well with the kitties surgery.. Have a great day!

  5. What a life, Jo!
    I think living in Africa is always a new discovery, each day! Even if it's requirement of job, it's an unique expeirence, living so close to the wildlife (and also with its problems!).
    I simply love pups, any kind! But unfortunately I live in an apartment in a big city and it's not allowed here....
    Have a great time Jo!
    Hugs from Brazil
    <°))))< Bia

  6. hope everythig goes well with the vet visit. LOVED the movie... they are so sweet.. poor babies were scared in a new place, good idea to feed them there... your grands are adorable and God bless skype.

  7. I like the little guy on the right in the last picture.


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