Sunday, January 11, 2015

More strangers in our Kitty house

Hi Bozo, Lindy and all Mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose and do you know what? We've had more strangers in the house this week. 

The doctor man came again like he did before when Mum had dogs in our house. This time, before some strange kitties arrived through the back door, Mum put me and Unca Shadow in a travel cage and locked it. We didn't mind; in fact we had a tussle inside while Dad Ginger watched from outside the cage. Then the doctor man came, and I saw Mum grab Dad Ginger by his neck, Michael held his body in a blue cloth and the doctor did something to make my dad meow very loudly. 

Then Mum opened the cage and pulled Shadow out. The same thing all over again: Mum holding him by the scruff of his neck, Michael holding Unca Shadow in a blue cloth and the doctor man doing something to make him cry as well. My poor Unca Shadow yowled like mad and then jumped out of the yoomen's hands. I decided no-one is going to grab me. 

Just watch.


Next minute Mum had me by the scruff of the neck, Michael held my body in a blue cloth and when the doctor man came near me, I knew what had made my Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow cry. There was a painful prick and another one. By now I was gurgling (would serve the yoomens right if I died from this awful treatment) but then it was over and I joined Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger who were sitting in the corner,  licking their wounds.  
I found this photo on Mum's laptop. There is Michael (whom I love very much so have forgiven him for holding me) but there is the doctor man who doesn't look as dangerous as he really is 

Now Michael, the doctor man and Mum walked into the house. But Mum locked the door so we had to stay on the veranda on our day bed. We normally spend all day in here, but only when we want to. 

Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow normally don't sit together anywhere. But that day they said they were united against dangerous yoomens and strange cats in the house

Later, much later, after the doctor man and some other strangers had left (through the back door, thank goodness) Mum let us out into the house.

Well, you should have smelled the strange smells! 

Unca Shadow could smell where the other cats had been in Mum's bedroom
I was sure I could smell strange things up on dad's cupboard, but Mum said I was imagining things! 

As always when we have these strange creatures in our home, Mum tells us we are like missionary children or doctor's children. They have to put up with strange, and sometimes underprivileged children in their homes. So should we.

Oh well, let's go over to Bozo's blog and see the other cute pet posts here .

Mum says I must wish you all a wonderful Sunday. So here goes: have a purrfectly nice Sunday! 


  1. i think you guys had the best part of the deal that day. the strange kitties probably had it worse. :)

  2. You are very busy over there!

  3. Your humans are taking care of you even if it doesn't feel like it. So get over it and be thankful.

  4. I think the humans mean all those jibs are good for you so be thankful they look after you so well. Happy Sunday adn keep out of mischief.

  5. Why did they torture all of you ?? I think I should call the Animal protection service !

  6. I go through the same torture every year but am told it is for our own good... so take care guys!!

  7. so glad your trauma is over for another year.. you survived and will again. tell Mom i keep forgetting to say how much i like the new header.


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