Monday, January 5, 2015

My word for 2015

Reading through other blogs, I've come across their Word for 2015. I've never before given much thought to having a specific word; but now I'm joining in this positive and interesting phenomena too. 

I would normally choose "[being]positive" or [having] faith"; I practice these at all times and have done throughout my adult life.  Now however, as I'm becoming more antique (I'll be 62 in five weeks' time) I'm concentrating being consistent. 

Actually I learnt this lesson the hard way way back in my mid-twenties.  I'd been in the city all day, with my son, John, then five years old, in tow. The little lad was hungry and whining,(why do young mothers do this to their children?) My feet ensconced in 3" stilettos were killing me and I had a headache fit to bust my head open. 

My last port of call was the bank. It was the '70's and we still cashed money inside the bank;  John and I waited in a long queue.  At the counter, the teller asked me for identification as this wasn't my home bank  (which was 50kms away). I banged my handbag onto the counter top and unpacked almost everything before I found my green ID book. The teller, lifting his eyebrows heavenward, slid the money across to me and called, Next Please. I pushed everything back into the bag, remembering to take out my car keys, and took John's hand with my keys dangling from my little finger. 

Arriving at the car in the steaming hot car park, I told John to hold onto my skirt while I opened the door. Lifting my hand closer to my face, I realized that the keys that had been hanging off its end a few minutes earlier, just weren't there any longer. taking John's hand again, and pulling him non-too gently along with me, I retraced my steps : across the hot car park again, up the ramp into the mall, along the walkways towards the bank. 


The mall was still thronging with shoppers which made it almost   impossible to scan the floor and surrounds properly. Eventually I found a telephone kiosk and phoned my friend, Lucelle who lived nearby. I told her of my predicament and within a few minutes she and her husband, Dennis arrived. He had the day off and came armed with tools to break into my car if we were unable to find my keys. All three of us (with John still trailing alongside) scoured the mall from one end to the other. 

Eventually Dennis said there was nothing for it but that he use force to open my car. He did and within in minutes he was inside my little car. Only problem was how to get me home without the ignition keys. Dennis eventually removed the steering wheel,  lifted the bonnet, hot-wired something to something else and fired my car up. Lucelle placed John on the passenger seat next to me (no strapping children into car seats  in those days) and with the car engine running, I got into the driver's seat and took off. 

I drove home on the National Highway to the town nearest to my home (50 km from the city, remember?) and then 34 km to our home which was situated in a rural farming community. To this day I can remember how stressful it was to drive a car with NO steering wheel. The steering column jutted  out from the dashboard, with two ears on each side; something , but not quite, like the pilot's controls in a plane.  I  also knew that I couldn't afford to stall or stop the car until I reached home. 

Back home after I'd bathed John, fed him and put him to bed, I phoned Lucelle to tell Lucelle we'd arrived safely and to thank Dennis for his help. Lucelle then told me that I should always be consistent in everything I do. For instance, I should replace my keys in a certain pocket in  my handbag. Once Grant had replaced my steering wheel, and we'd had another set of keys made, and I used the car again, I did exactly that. I never forgot this lesson. 

As I becoming more and more of an age, I concentrate on doing things consistently. 

It's working. 

So far...

James 1:17
Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadows

Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Matthew 5:37
"But let your statement be, 'Yes, yes' or 'No, no'; anything beyond these is of evil.

My word for 2015: 

Today is John's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN! 


  1. HI Jo That is a good word to choose especially as we get older! I have not thought of a word, perhaps I will.

  2. happy birthday John and i am thinking he doesn't even remember this unless it is an oft told story.. consistent is a great word. i once locked my keys in the car, and then put a lock box with another key on the underside of the car and never did it again...i enjoyed this story

  3. Hello Jo, you picked a good word for the year! I am always afraid of losing my cars keys, an awful feeling! Happy birthday to your son John! Have a great week!

  4. Its a good choice and as usual with these things, easy to say but difficult to maintain
    I'm going for "positivity", wish me luck. I'll need it.

  5. That sounds like quite the experience and quite the lesson you learned so long ago. Great words for you for the year dear Jo! Hurray for you choosing a guiding word for the first time. I have another blogging friend in Washington state to the south of me who is also doing this for the first time.

  6. Happy Birthday John, especially since you survived that car ride home in those early days. Consistant or routine is good way to keep everything in order. I always keep my wallet, keys, phone in the same place so I always know where they are. The trouble is I do it without thinking and then sometimes I get in a panic because I don't remember if I put them away so I have to go to check. If they are not there then real panic sets in as I have no idea where they are.
    Our car is great as we don't need to use a key for the doors or to start the engine. We just need the key to be in my handbag or in Bill's pocket. As long as you are about a metre or two near the car they will work. We just press a button to open doors and start the engine.

  7. Yes, I find consistency a good thing in life.

  8. Great story and lesson. Living in small spaces for so long has taught me that everything has its place, with no deviation. I've never made New Year resolutions, but I am going to notice and experience moments of joy. Sorry, that's more than one word.


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