Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Critters Party with Eileen

Last weekend as we drove out onto the mine, Grant stopped so that I could photograph some donkeys at the boom gate. 
Four pretty ladies socialize in shade of a tree
Nearby a small flock of Little Egret hang around some cattle
Driving through the bush, we spotted a dik-dik in the bush next to the road

Further up the road, a very small dik-dik stands still watching our vehicle. I manage to get a photo before it bounded into the bush.
A small dik-dik stands motionless in the road

After viewing and photographing several birds (to be posted on Wednesday next week) we returned along the slimes dam wall. We spotted a pair of helmeted guineafowl having a sand bath. 

Both the guineafowl enjoy their sand bath 
Returning through the boom gate, the herd of donkeys had moved towards the askari's hut
The herd of cattle was also closer to the askari hut with the Little Egret in tow

Before stopping at home, we popped into Amanda and Andre's home to say hello.
The tree-lined road leading to the client camp

For more critters, please join Eileen here

Here's wishing you all a happy weekend. 


  1. Hello Jo, I just the cattle! They are so cute, one of my favorite critters too. Great shots of the cattle and egret. And the Dik dik is a sweet critter. Do the guineafowl belong to a farm or are the wild birds?

  2. ps, thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. The Guineafowl are so colourful,.. didn't know they liked bathing in sand. The donkey photos are lovely.

  4. You are lucky to see such a variety of animals !

  5. Love the animals you see when you are out & about!

  6. The donkeys are beautiful animals, and so social. It's fun to see the egrets following the cattle. The horns on the helmeted guineafowl and the aqua colors on their heads and necks remind me so much of the cassowaries someone posted recently. I wonder if they are related. They seem to be enjoying their sand baths. Great photos!

  7. Love the donkeys! The cattle and egret are great as well as the guinea fowl, and the dik dik are always a treat. Great post! Enjoyed seeing them all!

  8. I love donkeys and cows and these are so sweet, beautiful photos of them... i would so very much LOVE to be riding along and see any of these critters.. and also that beautiful green road.

  9. Nice collection of critters! I love seeing the unusual (to me) animals that we don't have in the US.

  10. Nice collection of pictures, Jo. I've never made it to Africa, so photo-friends are the next best thing.

  11. Fabulous photos. Have a great week.


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