Saturday, January 10, 2015

Various Saturday Critters

This week I'm joining Eileen's Saturday Critter Party, here with a difference. Just after Christmas Grant sent his driver to buy a couple of dozen soccer balls - deflated. Michael inflated them with his bicycle pump and that evening Grant and I piled a few at my feet and we drove through the the streets.  Normally the kids wrap plastic shopping bags into a ball and tie it up with string. This time we stopped wherever we saw a group of boys and called them over. You can imagine the excitement when I lifted a ball and handed it to them. 
These balls cost Tsh 1000/US$ .57c each
Happiness is... I gave these four boys two balls to "share"

We drove through town and handed out another six balls. Later I sent the rest of the deflated balls in the bag to Amanda for Buhangija School in Shinyanga.

Later, driving through the bush we stopped so that I could photograph a buck. We normally see Dik-dik here but this time we were intrigued  confused by the ridge on the animal's haunches.
This dik-dik has a definite ridge on its haunches
Just further along the road, we spotted a colony of mongoose. I managed to capture this one above until it ...
...dived headlong into the grassy verge
Then it appeared on a rock - looking as if it was posing! 
This lark-like bird gave us a beautiful song 
The jury is still out on its ID
While trying to photograph the elusive sunbirds in the thin bushes next to the road, a tractor belonging to the mine, overtook us. I told you I had a variety Party Critters today! 
Back home in my garden, I couldn't resist photographing Princess and Bibi resting on the lawn
The likeness is uncanny!
Mama Princess senses someone near our property fence. Bibi doesn't seem so sure!

Do visit Eileen's Critter party here  and join in the fun.

Happy Saturday everyone! 


  1. cute mom and daughter. :) love the happy kids with the balls you gave them! cute mongoose!

  2. I like the singing bird. I rarely see them singing in photos.

  3. Was the Dik dik moulting? I love the posing shot of the mongoose. Princess and her pup are gorgeous.

  4. Great thing to do for the children! I love the photos of your critters. Have a wonderful day dear Jo. Weather certainly looks beautiful.

  5. Hard to get a shot of a mongoose holding still, unlike the lovely doggies. What a wonderful gift for the kids.

  6. HI Jo I know just how much those boys would have appreciated that ball, They all seem to be football mad. Mama and daughter are wonderful together with Mama still keeping an eye on her daughter. You caught that singing Lark well. Yes I wonder if the Dik Dik was moutling? Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. What fun you gave to these kids with just a simple ball ! Besides my cats and Charlie, I see no other critter for the moment ! Not even a cow !

  8. Hello Jo, How nice of you & Grant to give out the balls. I am sure the kids are very happy too. The dik-dik and the mongoose are both cute. Love the bird singing. And your Princess and Bibi are adorable laying there together, so sweet. Great post! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  9. Princess and Bibi are very cute together! And I really like your photos of the mongoose.

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention how impressed I am that you bought and gave away so many balls! :))

  11. i want to see a mongoose. so cute! and Bibi is like she was poured out of the same mold as Princess and she is a Mini Princess. love the shot of them. like that tractor critter to.
    i smiled all the way through the post with my head full of the joy your spread by giving out those balls. what a fantastic sweet and kind thing to do.. God bless you and your hubby...

  12. Great critters, but my favorite is the ball story. Making kids happy!

  13. Looks like you're off to a good start in 2015! Thanks for stopping by and happy new year to you too!

  14. Good for you passing out the balls. What a treat. So exotic to me to drive around and see dik-dik and mongoose in the countryside.


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