Sunday, January 18, 2015

Princess' Pups

and bird calls from my Mwadui garden.

I've tried to upload this video again, but YouTube told me it's been duplicated. However, the one I published on Saturday is now on "public" and was viewed 116 times, so it must be public by now. I hope you can view it here now...

 uyhhhht (NOTE: this was Ginger walking all over my keyboard, He's no lightweight either! )

Princess and her five remaining pups spend a great deal during the early part of the day running around and playing. Nando is right there to instigate a tussle or alternatively - when necessary - to chastise a pup for being too rough. You'll notice in the video "dog fight" Princess always lies down and is "attacked" But don't be fooled. She is the strongest physically and has the biggest character I've ever seen in a Tanzanian dog. 

In the video, the prominent bird call is from the Red-chested Cuckoo. It has a distinctive call: "It will rain" and during these summer months, it has called incessantly! 

The pup running up to me is Bibi and then she is joined by Msichana Mbili. This pup is very vocal and likes to add her opinion. 

In between I tried to capture the huge garden around our house which these pups are blessed to have as a playground!



  1. Unfortunately I can't see the video it's written "private" ! For how long the remaining 5 will stay with You ?

  2. your video is private.. oopes i see someone already said that. hope we get to see it.. sounds great

  3. Oh how I wish I had so many birds around my garden. Awesome to listen to them in the morning. Love how the one pup came to talk to you.

  4. i love all the bird calls and all the dogs are so happy, my two would just be in dog heaven with that big yard to run in... of course the dirt would be full of holes since baby is a digger... Nando looks sooo happy and I am glad you got him and i know he is to.


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