Friday, April 3, 2015

Blue skies reflected

Last week we found a mirror at a second hand furniture shop. We'd been looking for one for a while. Grant wanted to attach it to the inside of MIL Pam's cupboards in the unit. We bought the mirror for a song, loaded it into the car and brought it home. 

Grant laid it carefully on the patio table. I noticed the beautiful reflection and photographed it! 
The beautiful autumn sky and awning roof reflected in the 1.5 m long mirror

I'm linking this post to Skywatch Friday and Weekend Reflections. 

A blessed Good Friday to all.


  1. Nice capture Jo! I'm sure it will work like a charm in your MIL's cupboard. Happy Easter weekend. xx

  2. HI Jo great reflection f the sky. You got a bargain adn Pam will love it.

  3. At fist sight I thought it was a swimming pool ! lol ! Very nice reflections !

  4. Hello Jo, beautiful sky reflection! Great capture! Happy Easter, have a great weekend!

  5. this is really a nice shot. i love reflections of sky and this is beautiful.

  6. Great reflection, and nice mirror too.


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