Monday, April 6, 2015

The Puzzle Project

Last week we started building a puzzle of 1500 pieces. Many people commented that they'd want to see the completed picture.  Well here's the beginning of the end...

On Good Friday, Angus, Amanda and children arrived to have Hot Cross Buns and tea with us. Rina and I fetched MIL Pam to join us on the patio. After tea, we took her back to the unit; we returned Amanda was going great guns on the puzzle! 
Joel was puzzling over a puzzle box his parents brought to show us. 
It depicts scores of colorful motorcycles. No wonder he's gazing at it! 
That evening Grant completed the elephant bull's trunk and continued to find pieces of the dust billowing from it
On Saturday, Rina had sorted out all the grayish-blues of the skies above the elephants

All day on Saturday, Grant, I and Rina worked hard on the puzzle. I built a section of dried grasses on a blank page of A4 paper. Grant completed the elephant bull's legs and the dusty area to the bottom right of the puzzle. Rina completed the sky. 

On Sunday morning there were less than 200 pieces of puzzle left on the board; these were all  to be fitted in the grassy, dusty area below both elephants' feet. 
09.26.00 am
10.06.26 am: the final piece

The puzzle is completed. It took three people, eight days,  21 hours and 30 minutes to build! This includes Amanda's input of two hours on Good Friday.

Grant will back this puzzle onto Masonite and frame it. After such an intense puzzling week, we  have to preserve this beauty for posterity! 

Update on Ambrose: he arrived at my bedroom window at 9.26 on Sunday night. Today he's asleep in his favorite place; a continental cushion, sprinkled with catnip, on top of my wardrobe. I'm hoping that by keeping him indoors for the next two days, I break his new habit of breaking curfew every day! 

Happy Easter Monday to you all. 


  1. Love your puzzle... and elephants. DH does puzzles... usually about 3000 pieces (I think). He has them framed and hung upstairs. As much as I love sketching, watercolor, knitting, crochet, pottery, etc. - I don't do puzzles... too many tiny pieces.

  2. Oh Wow! What a neat puzzle! Love the animals....

  3. Oh my goodness, I would have gone crazy ! But the result looks beautiful !

  4. really beautiful puzzle. :) glad ambrose returned!

  5. so glad Ambrose is back.. this puzzle is amazing and really really beautiful. i would love to hang it on my wall. i love elephants almost as much as cows and dogs... great job to all of you

  6. Wow, that was quite a project and of course I love the final puzzle image. Glad Ambrose is home.

  7. What a great family activity. With all the manufactured busyness we have now days, too many of us have lost the puzzle-fun. Thanks for the reminders.

  8. Beautiful puzzle. I glad it will be framed.

  9. Beautiful puzzle. I glad it will be framed.


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