Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend 18-19 April 2015

For the past week, Rina and I have been busy with a project (more about this tomorrow). Meanwhile Grant and I also had tasks to complete in MIL Pam's unit - but we wanted to do them while she was elsewhere... 

When the oldies live in close proximity, they see something in the other's room and then they want it as well. My MIL had seen a small mirror on the inside of Pienkie's wardrobe and wanted one as well.  While in a nearby town recently we found a full-length mirror in a second-hand shop and bought it. 

Grant modified the mirror by adding a strip/block of wood to the top and bottom of it. As MIL's cupboard doors close flush against the shelves inside, he attached the mirror to the outside of the door. 
Grant performed the task of attaching the mirror with me holding it in place; Rina chatted to Pam but she still tried to give Grant instructions from the other side of the room!  
Afterwards Rina cleaned the mirror with window cleaner

Earlier this week we visited the same shop and bought two arm chairs. When we furnished Pam's flat in August, (while we had the unit built), we lent her three armchairs and a padded blue-and-white striped chair for the bathroom. 

In order to get my chairs back, I had to buy these others and do the swap. Grant had also bought a panel heater which he'd attach to the wall.  

On Friday, Rina had bought tickets at the old age home for a live concert followed by a dinner in the large dining room. Grant bought Pam a ticket and Rina said she'd accompany Pam to the concert. 
Rina decked out in her finery on Friday and ready to take MIL to the concert

As they entered the hall, Rina sent Grant a message on his phone saying the coast is clear! We'd packed up the car with panel heater, drill, screws, extension cord, vacuum cleaner (to suck up red dust as Grant drills) and the chairs! 
Grant firing up the drilling machine
The panel heater: ready for the onslaught of winter

A few weeks after MIL had already moved into the unit, the center attached a shower bench and panic handle  All good and well. Except that MIL now stated that once she was seated and had the shower pipe in her hands, the soap dish , fitted halfway up the shower pipe was too high! I convinced Grant to attach metal soap dish  to the tiles nearer to the shower bench.
Grant marking the area where he'll attach the soap dish
The original soap dish is attached to the shower stem  (visible on the left of the photo) 
Now MIL can sit and use the soap and replace it in the soap dish

Above is my chair which I removed...
...and replaced with an equally good [brown] easy chair

I forgot to photograph the chair which I removed from her bathroom and brought home. Neither did I take a photo of  the sturdy white chair which I placed in Pam's bathroom. 

We were back home an hour, when Rina returned from the outing; she said how much everyone, including MIL Pam,  had enjoyed the entertainment and meal. 

Fifteen minutes later Rina's phone rang; it was Pam. She said to Rina that while she'd been out, someone had been into her room and attached a wall heater. She also said that when she saw the new chairs, she thought she had come to the wrong unit! Rina said that it was Grant and Jo; she handed me the phone to me and Pam thanked me profusely for the wonderful surprise.

Happy Monday to you all! 


  1. how very sweet. nice to have a handy son (and sneaky daughter-in-law and friend to assist!)

  2. Hi Jo, doesn't everyone just love a surprise?! You certainly pulled off a good one for Pam. Have a wonderful week ahead. xx

  3. Hi JO Whaat a lovely surprise for Pam, I am sure she appreciated all the changes you made for her comfort.

  4. Hello Jo, it is great your Grant is so handy! And you are all so nice to surprise your MIL Pam. I am sure she will be very comfy and love her new place.. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  5. i am so glad this worked out and Pam was thankful and not upset.. sometimes surprises don't sit well but this one did. that is am amazing wall heater, have not seen one of those... the soap dish makes perfect sense and makes me wonder what they were thinking when they built it... good job by all of you.

  6. You two are the best. What a pleasant surprise for Pam.

  7. How wonderful that you have made your MIL so happy! What a super surprise!


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