Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ginger, Shadow and I, Ambrose

Hi Bozo, Lindy and all Mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose. I'm a good kitty these days, I come home in daylight so that Mum doesn't have to worry! But it's not easy for me, because I'm afraid of Cousin Tipsy and we both hiss at each other, until I escape to the safety of the bedroom. There I join my Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow. 

Since being in this place, Mum has made our room so comfortable. And we kitties enjoy every part of it!
Unca Shadow and me, sleep together on the chair in the bedroom
While Dad Ginger relaxes on the royal cushion on the floor nearby
Then Unca Shadow and I sleep on the royal cushion
And again on the royal cushion
While dad sleeps on the chair
Or he sleeps on the end of our yoomens' bed

Sometimes we all three sleep on this bed with our Mum and yoomen dad. We hear them complaining that the bed isn't big enough but we are happy!

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  1. glad you're all staying safe!

  2. You sure are treated like royalty. I hope you know how lucky you are to have such caring youmens

  3. what a great life you lead, all the comforts you need

  4. I am glad you have such a comfy place to live.. So many choices as to where to sleep.. Have a happy day!

  5. Hey you guys are lucky to sleep with your yoomens! I am not allowed to get on the bed though I do when they arent looking ;) shhhh



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