Saturday, April 18, 2015

Critters great and small...

With the onset of winter in South Africa, here in our little patch, it's becoming extremely cold. My blood is thin from spending most of the year in warmer African countries; so I empathize with this little bird below. Because it has faint black spotting on its chest already, I've ID'd it as a juvenile Laughing Dove
Laughing Dove (Juvenile)

On Monday night, before the cold had set in, while we sat on the patio, we heard a rustle in the mulberry tree nearby and a soft thud. Using my torch, I searched around the bottom of the tree; then Rina spotted the soft grey lump on the paving. I leaned towards it, and it immediately flew up into the tree. 

Last night as Rina closed the window over the patio,  she called me. There was "our" young bird, crouched under the warm metal awning. 
In the photo above, I caught the nicitating membrane covering the dove's eye
This morning as I captured a spider on the ceiling above me as I sit at the computer! 

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters with Eileen which you can visit here

Happy Saturday to you all! 


  1. Great captures, Jo! I love the name of the bird, "Laughing Dove". How precious is that?! Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xx

  2. Hello Jo, pretty captures of your Laughing Dove. It is a sweet bird.. The spider is creepy, I am not sure if I would like it crawling above my head.. Great post! Thank you for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  3. Hi Jo!
    In Brazil we are also starting to feel the first signs of cooler weather. Here we are in the fall, and the birds still play in the air like in the summer! Beautiful photo taken at the right time!
    Many hugs from Brazil!

    <°))))< Bia

  4. the spider is freaking me out. i would be shouting for bob the spider killer if that was over my head. YIKES and that is a sweet little laughing dove... so sorry you are stuck in cold weather. i am not a fan of cold...

  5. i hope you can acclimate to the colder temperatures soon!

  6. Nice to see this little bird found a warmish place to hang out. Of course it's spring here and the birds are everywhere.

  7. Lovely little dove. I wouldn't want that spider overhead.


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