Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Soapbox Derby

This Saturday past the annual Soapbox Derby was held in our town. Almost the whole town congregated at the top of the main street and watched as teams from the local businesses in town lined up their creations. 
The day was enjoyed by families and friends alike
 It's held near the town center on the edge of the residential area  
Granddads, fathers, mothers, children all enjoying the build up to the race
Joel and Grant in a serious discussion about the soapboxes 
Baby Liam, now three months old, relaxing on the grass
Above is our granddaughter, Abby (three years old) and her two-year-old friend, Luke. This little boy lives opposite Angus and Amanda. The maids often stand and chat on Amanda's lawn or in Luke's mom's garden,  while the children play together. The little ones only speak Sesotho to each other and call each other by the names given to them by their nannies; Luke is Shweshe and Abby is Mponyana. 

The start of the race was at the top of the street
B&G Slaghuis/Butchery was one of the hot favorites 
Outside the local restaurant: Amanda, Angus, Abby (on her dad's lap), Joel, moi and Rina
We couldn't tell you who was winning, but we sure had fun! 

One of the highlights of the Soapbox Derby is the Cow Manure Competition. For a ZAR50/US$5 ticket, you stood a chance of winning ZAR10,000/US$1000. Your ticket (along with all the others)  is placed in an empty field near where the derby takes place;  a cow, brought in from the farm is lead onto the field. If the cow poohed on your ticket, you won the prize. 
The cow who could earn you a big cash prize

We bought one ticket. As we came home early in the afternoon, and the draw took place at the street party (which went on until midnight) we heard afterwards that the DJ had won the money. 

On Sunday Grant invited Angus and Amanda and children to come over and have a BBQ. Angus popped down to the cafe to buy sodas. He used Grant's bike and of course the children wanted to go along too! 

Angus and the children 

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  1. Well that all looked like geat fun and lovely weather. The baby is growing up fast and looks gorgeous.

  2. That must have been a lot of fun !

  3. Hello Jo, what a fun day.. for all. I am sure the kids loved the soapbox derby.. The cow manure competition is different, lol! Love all the photos, have a happy day!

  4. those are some pretty amazing soapbox carts.. Liam is so sweet and cute.. as are all your grand kids..

  5. cute little derby. i like your new header. :)

  6. What a fun way to spend the day.

  7. We have a soapbox derby here in town as well, but our kids (and some of the older folks) don't have such fabulous rides. It's a pretty steep hill, but there aren't too many crashes. - Margy


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