Monday, April 13, 2015

The puzzle project - final edition

This is the final post (promise!) about the puzzle we built recently. 

We slid the completed puzzle onto Masonite, topped it with another piece of Masonite and turned it over quickly. Grant and Rina painted craft glue onto the reverse of each and every piece, while I held it as firmly as I could on the board. (That's why I didn't photograph this part of the procedure) 

Then Grant placed the other piece of Masonite onto this and we carried it out onto the patio table. Once the top piece of Masonite was removed, Rina rolled the jigsaw with a rolling pin; we replaced the board and left it overnight.

The next morning, Grant took off the top Masonite again, and added each section of the frame which he had made in the garage. 
Fitting each piece of the handmade frame which had glue in the slits was not at all easy
It took all three of us to do this job while Grant clamped the bottom ...
...and then the sides and finally the top! 
Now the framed puzzle was carried to Grant's workshop

Grant masked it with newspaper and tape and varnished the frame

Finally...(drum roll) 

Happy week ahead to you all. 


  1. I'm impressed! Very nice work, and an attractive creation to decorate your wall.

  2. WOW1 THat is fantastic adn looks great on the wall. Sorry I have had no internet over the weeekend as I was on Copeland Island so was unable to see any posts or make comments but thanks for your visits and comments.

  3. Hello Jo, it looks beautiful! Have a happy new week!

  4. That was definitely a puzzle worth framing. Nice job all around.

  5. this is just beautiful and all of you created this work of art to hang on your wall.. awesome

  6. It was worthwhile all this work ! The framed puzzle looks great ! Now you can start the next one, lol !


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